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Zomberry Island Walkthrough

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The Tunnel
1. Enter the island and talk to the old police man. (You can copy policeman outfit here)
2. None of the police want to go into the tunnel, so the suit guy gives you a FLASHLIGHT (which you put on to add to your outfit and use), and the notebook of the scientist working to find the zombie cure, who they have lost touch with.
3. Jump on top of the school bus and enter the tunnel.

4. Keep on moving left, jumping over obstacles and using your flashlight to guide you. If you run into a zombie, you scream AAAAH! and move away from them, so try to avoid them.
5. In a while you'll see an OIL TRUCK, with flashing green car keys. Pick them up, and keep on moving left.
6. Now stop at the green car that looks like the ones on the keys. Unlock the door using the keys and click the LIGHT button on the left. Exit and click on the crank below you to tilt the car's light in front of the zombies so they move away.

The Subway
1. You can now keep on moving to the Financial District (left). Here, jump on the beams all the way to the top and to the right, where you see the controls for a crane. Click on them and you start the crane moving. First, click on the top right beam and move it to the top middle. Then, go to the bottom right beam - which has a toolbox on it - and move it to the space where the top right beam was. Move the crane out of the way of the beam then exit.
2. Jump over the pile of boxes and click on the toolbox. Sort through it until you find a subway pass on the bottom, which you pick up. Now jump down from the beams and run left.
3. Enter the smoothie shop and run right. Pick up a pamphlet. Now exit the store and go down, into the Subway.
4. There are zombies, but they mainly stay to the right. Jump over them and "use" your subway pass for the gate to open. Go left.
5. On the platform, jump up to get the light bulb.
6. Continue to go left, avoiding the zombies. There is a rock blocking the train. Click on it to make the train move forward. Now go back right again, and exit the subway into the Financial District.

The Apartment
1. Go left until you get to Shady Side Apartments. However, the only way to get in is jump the window, but there are zombies blocking the way. Go left a little and click on the fuse box.
2. Click on 2, 3, 8, and 9 so that there are green lights leading to the roof. Turn off all other switches. Now jump on the lighted windows. 
3. When you get to the top left window, jump up and enter through the door. Go to the apartment door marked 7 (go straight left and jump over the gap for stairs)
4. Click on the yellow sticky note on the computer (to the left). Exit and go to door 5 - climb down the stairs and go right. Pick up the bolt cutters on top of the cabinet on the right.
5. Click on the note on the fridge - left. Now exit and go to door 1, on the bottom floor middle. Gamer Dude invites you to "come chill". Jump up and get the camera on top of the speakers to the right of him. 
6. Click on the trash can behind him. At the bottom, there is a green soda bottle. You might have to move some stuff, but if you see green sticking out, just click on it. 
7. Exit the apartments and go left to Chinatown.

The Karaoke Bar
1. To get there, jump on to the roof of the Chinese restaurant, jump left onto the string of paper lanterns, then jump onto the street and enter the Karaoke bar.
2. There are zombies blocking the whole place. Jump onto the stage and talk to DJ Saturday Night, who won't let you touch her stuff unless you clear the dance floor. Shine your flashlight at the ceiling and find the disco ball. Shining it makes the zombies temporarily go away.
3. Go right, and you see a switch for the disco lights. Shine your flashlight at the 2nd disco ball, right above the second "room". The zombie will go away and you can click the switch.
4. Now all the zombies are gone, and DJ leaves too. Click on the computer and click on "Find my phone". Type in username: doctor and password: awesome. It finds Dr. Romero's phone! Unlock the door and take a screenshot.
5. Next, click on the piece of paper on top of the shiny bowl (?) to get DJ's shopping receipt. Exit the Karaoke Bar.

The Secret Bunker
1. Once you've exited, go right and jump on top of the trash can (when there are no zombies in the way). From there, jump onto the Karaoke Bar roof and onto the string of paper lanterns. "Use" the light bulb and it will light up the lanterns.
2. Sink down into the middle so the zombies go away and drop into the manhole.You land on a subway.
3. Go left and enter the hatch to the subway. Go right to the controls and click on the red button to turn on the lights, then the lever to make the subway go. When it's "the end of the line", exit the way you came.
4. Right above you is a red ladder. Climb up and enter the secret bunker. 
5. Go down and explore a little. Dr. Romero is a zombie! Go left to the red phone and dial 555-3946, Dr. Romero's phone number. The phone rings! Pick up the 2 items Dr. Romero lets out of the cage.

6. "Use" the cell phone and watch Dr. Romero's 4 video diaries. Now, it's time to figure out which fruit caused the zombie outbreak. Go left and click on the whiteboard.
7. Fill out the chart using your clue notebook. You can copy this: 
8. It's the blueberries! Just then, a cup of coffee randomly comes out. Whatever, grab it. Now exit the secret bunker by jumping up and left. Go left to Chinatown, and left to a big gate that says The Wharf.

The Shipping Container
1. Use your bolt cutters to unlock the gate and enter. Go all the way right, avoiding the zombies until you find a shipping container that says "Do not open until 2000". Enter. 
2. Talk to the camouflage guy and give him the coffee. He gives you a keycard! You'll need that. Now exit the shipping container.
3. Jump up and to the left. See the spotlight? Basically follow it and avoid the zombies. You may have to go a little bit out of the light for it to move to the next location. If you fall, it will just start from where you fell, or back to the beginning again. Be patient!
4. At one point, there is a green box and you don't know where to go. Jump on top of it, then right. You can now safely follow the spotlight again. 
5. Finally, you get to a crane control place. Insert the key card and it works! Scroll down to October 22, Cleveland. Basically, the game is for the crane to not get hit by the boxes. It's pretty easy. Using autopilot, it brings the green box to right below you. 
6. Equip your camera before you enter. There is a crazed zombie! Click on the camera to flash and stun him. Now collect a sample of the blueberries and exit. 
7. Go all the way left, but this time don't use the gate. Enter the subway just to the left of it. Use your subway pass again (avoiding the zombies) and go right. Avoiding the zombies, follow the train tracks all the way to the train you moved before. Jump on to the platform, the top of the train, the red ladder, and into the secret bunker. 

The Cure
1. Next to Dr. Romero there is some "high-tech equipment". "Use" the blueberries and turn the crank to get the antidote. Equip it to cure Dr. Romero.
2. The zombies are trying to get in! Jump up and click on the boards next to the doorway to block it off...for now. Now jump down and turn the crank as fast as you can to make another antidote.
3. Now, there will be a mini-game. Basically hold down on the antidote for the zombies until their face turns normal. Go left to right to get everyone and you know you're done when you get a new photo. Congratulations! There are some scenes at the end and you receive your ISLAND MEDALLION!

(BTW, you can run back normally, the way you came at the beginning, because there aren't any more zombies)

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