Other Costumes

This is a database of all of my non-island related costumes. Check the actual blog because I may not update all the time. If you're looking for more costumes, friend lightninggirl20 to access her closet & photos and to get items not available elsewhere.


Katniss from The Hunger Games is a very popular look and very easy to get.

The first look is Katniss in her reaping outfit, and the 2nd is her as a hunter.

HAIR AND SKIN - If you haven't already, make your hair dark brown and skin pale. You can use Ctrl+Shift+H and Ctrl+Shift+S or go left on Early Poptropica and click on the balloon you want your skin to be. Then go to 24 Carrot and go into the Carrot King Diner and drink the color you want your hair to be.

BRAID - Get any braid. You can find it from random people on Early Poptropica, randomize yourself, or get a braid from Surfer in the store. There is also a girl wearing a nice braid on Mythology next to Aphrodite. If you've already done Mythology, just use the touchscreen mirror to get to Aphrodite, then go right.

BANGS - You can use any bangs you want, like bang-over-the-eye from Prom Queen or a slightly wavy bang, like I used.

DRESS - This is Katniss' reaping dress. First, log on to Poptropica. Go to http://www.dinkypage.com/poptropads2/ and click on Lemonade Mouth. Climb up and copy the blue dress from the girl there.

LIPS - Use any lips you want that look good. Generally, Katniss isn't a smily-type of person.

BOW AND ARROW - Get from Robin Hood in the store (get the bow and sheath of arrows)

JACKET AND SHIRT - Go to Red Dragon Island and copy the long jacket from the guy left in front of the bookstore. Go to mythology and copy the green shirt from the girl inside Herc's Hero Hut - you can use another color if you want. Get long dark blue or black pants and use the belt that comes with a knife from the Robin Hood costume.

Ta-da! You're Katniss!

Harry Potter!
Although most people probably wouldn't want to run around Poptropica looking like Harry Potter, here is how to look like him:

There is no way to get the classic scar on his forehead, but you can get the rest...
  • Complete the first part of Red Dragon island until you can get to the treehouse and find Jack. Copy his hair, and don't worry if your hair is not black yet.
  • Go left and copy the jacket, red tie, and white button down shirt from the guy standing in front of one of the buildings on Main Street on Red Dragon
  • Go to 24 Carrot island and go in the Carrot King Diner. Click on the drink stand. Fill your cup completely with black and drink it, and your hair will turn completely black. If you want you can hit Ctrl + Shift + H until your hair turns black
  • Go to Time Tangled island. Go in Pendulum's Lab and copy the glasses from the guy standing next to the time machine.
  • Complete the Haunted House mini-game by getting it in the store. When you are done go down and copy the witch's broom.
  • IF you need to change your skin color so it matches with black hair by hitting Ctrl + Shift + S

If you are a girl you can be Hermione! There are just a few changes...
  • If you want you can get a black skirt (Go to Astro Knights and go right until you go into the mill. Climb up the platforms and copy the girl with the long black skirt)
  • Turn your hair brown instead of black 
  • Change skin if necessary
  • Use wavy hair from the girl on Avenue A when you go right on Shrink Ray

Halloween Costumes (or for other use)
Hunter of Artemis
Merida from Brave (as requested)

Goth Girl

Hooded Figure
Band-Aid Guy

First, the angel. You can buy this from the store but I added a few twists. White prom queen dress, angel wings from the angel from the store, and halo. Whatever bangs or extra hair in addition to the halo you want. Classic lips. If you want, slight glow Phantom on its lowest setting.

Hunter of Artemis. Any color prom queen dress you want. Sack of arrows and bow from Robin Hood. Tiara from the Fairy Queen and wavy hair or whatever long hair you want. You can also do a ponytail from the Biker if you want the arrows to be more visible. Slight glow if you want.

Merida from Brave - green or blue dress from Mythology, or you can use Prom Queen dress. If you want, leaves in hair from one of the girls in Herc's Hero Hut on Mythology. Bow and sheet of arrows from Robin Hood. Die your hair red with Ctrl+Shift+H and pale skin with Ctrl+Shift+S (stop when you find the color you want). If you want, any belt would work.

Fairy - Prom Queen dress, preferably pink. Tiara/bangs from Fairy Queen, and wand. Wavy hair and wings from anywhere you can find it. Angel wings also work.

Goth Girl - This works better with white skin and dark hair. First, go down the sewer hole on Early Poptropica. Copy the girl's skull headband and mouth if you want. Then, go to Astro Knights. Go right twice and enter the Mill. Climb up, and copy the girl's black top, skirt, and skull belt.

Vampire - Do the Haunted House and copy the Vampire's dress from the party. Use wavy hair and bangs.

Witch - Copy from Haunted House. You can use the black version if you want.

Hooded Figure - Haunted House. Copy everything. Weapon if you want.

Band-Aid Guy - Use Ad Transporter 2 (go to http://www.dinkypage.com/poptropads2/ in a new tab once you're already logged into your account in a seperate account) and go to Wimpy Kid Dog Days. Do Perfect Splash and you get this.

Vampire - Haunted House, copy everything.

Adventurer - Copy various parts from Astro Knights and Biker ponytail.

Great Casual Girl Costume (and more)!

While going around some old ads, I found some great pieces for costumes and one GREAT casual girl's costume - this dress has been seen in common rooms and on some blogs but no one ever found out where it was FROM.

Now, how to get this costume...
  • First, log on to your account. In a new tab, go to http://www.dinkypage.com/poptropads and click on "Lemonade Mouth" ad. It should transport you there with the account you are logged in to.
  • Copy the dress from the girl there
  • Now, I experimented with the hair here. I used wavy from the girl on Shrink Ray when you go right, with some curly bangs with hoop earrings. You can combine "base" hair and bangs however you want.
  • Classic biker lips
  • Black biker jacket or white jacket from Reality TV or common rooms
  • Although it is not shown in this picture, you can use Rockstar 2 star and eyeliner with bang-over-the-eye from Prom Queen and headband (See below) This looks better with darker hair colors. 
Some other great parts in ads:

Good purple skirt - Monster High Gloom Beach (use ad transporter link above)
  • Good red jacket (perfect for cold islands!), gray skirt, schoolgirl vest/shirt, and ponytail - Tower Prep 
  • Good designed headband (works better for darker color hairs) - Electric Company
  • Good blue shirt - The Spy Next Door
  • Good skirt & tank top - Littlest Pet Shop Fairies (use Ad Transporter 2 at http://www.dinkypage.com/poptropads2/)
Oh, and another good casual costume shirt I've never mentioned.... CJ's turquoise striped hoodie. You will have to finish Shrink Ray to get this one.

Casual Boy Costumes

I found several good casual costumes for boys. For girls, I just posted the appropriate casual costume with each island, but for boys I couldn't decide which costume went with each island, so I decided to just post all of them, and you can decide which one you want for each island.

The islands that need a casual costume are:
  • Big Nate
  • Counterfeit
  • Early Poptropica
  • Steamworks
  • Time Tangled
  • 24 Carrot
And here are the costumes I found...







Here's how to get the costumes...
  • Costume 1 - Any regular hair, jacket from the guy in front of the Internet Cafe to the right of the blimp on Cryptids, any black or blue pants, and shirt from the Gamer Dude in the store
  • Costume 2 - Same as costume 1 except with the shirt from the cabin boy on Skullduggery island, you have to complete Skullduggery up until the sailing part to find him on the raft
  • Costume 3 - If you have started Ghost Story island or finished it you have to restart the island to get this one. Go far right until you find a guy camping. Customize the parts you want of him
  • Costume 4 - On Ghost Story go left to the guy throwing salt and customize any part you want from him. You can also use the jacket from costumes 1 and 2 instead. Hair and mouth same as costumes 1 and 2.
  • Costume 5 - Thanks, samevan381 for this one! Do the first part of Red Dragon island until you get to the treehouse and customize Jack's hair. You have to be at the beginning or the end of Red Dragon island to get this one. Now, you can find the shirt in common rooms or do Reality TV. Eventually you will get Richie Rebel and you can customize him. OR friend samevan381 and customize from him. 
  • Costume 6 - Use Jack's hair and any smile, then customize the shirt UNDER the apron on Time Tangled island, the guy next to the time machine in Pendulum's Lab.
Cute Jailer-Type Outfit

I was bored, so I just made this costume... Hope you like it! (Boys you can wear it too)

  • Hat - use the Biker hat
  • Hair - use any classic wavy hair, you can find this almost anywhere. You can go right and copy the hair from the girl on Shrink Ray or from costumes in lightninggirl20's closet
  • Lips - any classic lips, such as Biker lips
  • Jacket - use the Biker jacket
  • Pants - use any grayish black pants (you can use the ones from Vampire 1 costume)
  • Belt - optional, use the black bands belt from the girls Vampire 1 costume
  • Shirt - Sorry, I don't know where this came from! Lightninggirl20 is wearing it (but not for long)! or you can probably find it in a common room. If I find where it came from, I'll let you know.
Various Other Cute Outfits
I was reading some other blogs and got some inspiration for some costumes. However, I haven't finished all of them, so here are a few:

Secret Agent:

  • This is a slight twist on the costume for Spy Island, so I guess you could use this for Spy if you wanted... Anyways
  • Optional - get a headpiece microphone thingy, but it comes off if you put on sunglasses. If you want, go right on Lunar Colony, enter the office, and customize it from the woman on the right
  • If you want, sunglasses from inside HQ on spy
  • Sweatshirt thing - a character on Reality TV, or copy it fromsamevan381 by friending them
  • Long black skirt/sweatpants = classic, find in common rooms or almost anywhere
French girl:
  • Get Biker ponytail and Prom Queen bangs
  • Jacket and shirt from Counterfeit island
  • White skirt almost anywhere
  • If you want, get a belt (preferably white)
  • Use Fairy Queen to get the tiara/bangs and use classic wavy hair
  • Use Fairy Queen or other pale pink lips
  • Use Surfer Girl costume to get the top, necklace, and belt (blue)
  • Use Geisha to get the skirt
  • Go to 24 Carrot Island and enter the Carrot King Diner. Go left and mix red and white in the cup until you have the hair color you want. Drink to get pink hair!
  • If you want, get bubble follower
  • If you want, dye your skin blue using Ctrl + Shift + S or go left on Early Poptropica and click the balloon you want
  • Get onto Mystery Train Island and go left. Copy the lady in the yellow dress' messy hair
  • Use Prom Queen bang-over-eye
  • Use Biker jacket
  • Use Pop Star microphone
  • Use Vampire 3 gray shirt
  • Use classic black pants
Another Cute Outfit (2 variations)

How to get this:
  • Use any classic hair you want. I used Pop Star bang-over-eye and wavy hair, or you could use a ponytail, or earrings and wavy hair
  • Classic Lips
  • Brown jacket if you want -- get from guy right on Counterfeit
  • EITHER buy Southern Belle and use top (I think that's cuter) or you can copy the shirt from Charlie's grandpa on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island (either finish the island or do up until you are waiting outside of the factory)
  • Use classic white skirt
Princess Outfit!
How To Get This:
  • Get Fairy Queen tiara/bangs and optional wand.
  • Use classic wavy hair
  • Use belt, cape, and neck thing from Cleopatra outfit
  • On Mythology Island, copy Aphrodite's top and skirt
  • If you want, use Prom Queen pink skirt instead
Nature Lover

  • Get Fairy Queen tiara and classic wavy hair
  • Use classic lips (Flower Power ones if you want)
  • Use green Prom Queen dress
  • Use Flower Power!
  • Get Hummingbird follower
Casual Girl Outfit

  • Get Prom Queen top (whatever color you want)
  • Optional - get brown or white jacket to go over it
  • Use gray or white skirt (either left on Cryptids or right on Counterfeit)
  • Classic lips and hair (wavy with Prom Queen bang-over-eye, or earring bangs
  • I dyed my hair pink because I was bored, but this is totally optional :-) If you want to, go to 24 Carrot inside the Carrot King Diner and mix red and white until you get the color you want
Old-Fashioned Outfit (Mystery Train?)
I came up with this cute outfit, which is sort of old-fashioned, but cute. If you want, I guess you could use this for Mystery Train, or if you changed your hair to white or gray, it could be like an old lady or Mrs. Claus.

So here's how to get it:
  • Use Southern Belle dress (any color you want, or red for Mrs. Claus)
  • Get classic lips (Biker, Surfer, or Fairy Queen)
  • Use a bun, whatever color goes with the dress from Fairy Queen
  • Use slight curl bangs or bang-over-eye from Prom Queen
  • To dye your hair white, go to 24 Carrot and enter the Carrot King Diner - drink the mixture you want for your hair. Or, do Ctrl+Shift+H until you get the color you want.
Random Outfits From Time Tangled
Okay so I was introducing my friend to Poptropica and she started Time Tangled Island. While I was watching/helping her do it, I realized HOW MANY AWESOME COSTUMES THERE WERE! I have never really tried costumes from this island before because I just used casual but actually the different time periods are pretty cool! Sorry guys these are girl costumes but most of them can be made into boy costumes. Here I go.

Mount Everest, 1953 AD. Copy all you want from the climber and girls might want to change the hair so it isn't sticking out the back so much, I just used Biker ponytail. The parka is great for cold islands, climber's gear... idk where you would use that.

I'm not sure what to call this one, but there's a lot of different combos of skirts, necklaces, etc. Any hair you want. This was Aztec Empire, 1519 AD.

Great Wall Of China, 1593 AD. Umm... a martial arts costume I guess? Copy whatever color you want.

Here's a cute Greek-ish outfit, but it could be used casually. Add a different colored skirt or necklace for more color. Ancient Greece, 328 BC.

Idk what to call this one, but it looks cute, especially the skirt. Girls, there are a whole bunch of guys wearing this it won't let you copy, but if you've done the island, you can copy from the Oracle. Otherwise you'll have to return the object first. (see walkthrough) Guys can copy any version they want. Ancient Greece, 328 BC.

Here's a native american outfit which isn't the best, but I like the belt. I wouldn't recommend it with blond hair but I didn't feel like changing it for right now. Lewis & Clark, 1805 AD

Now, honestly IDK what to call this one but it's sort of an armor-ish thing... I guess it would look better on boys. Umm i don't remember which time period it came from... Sorry I'll check later.

??? Idk what to call this one and the "dress" makes you look a bit fat but it's cute. Mali Empire, 1387 AD. Customize with a necklace or something.

Here's a viking, and copy whatever you want. 831 AD, Vikings.

This outfit is kinda weird but you can try it if you want. Great Wall of China, 1593 AD. Get the shirt from the man you did the memory game with, then add a white skirt.

This is kinda cool. Maybe for mystery train? Anyways go to Statue of Liberty, 1882 AD. Copy the man on the left and wavy hair.

Summer Outifit
I got this idea from someone in a Common Room, so here it is:

  • get Surfer sunglasses and bikini top (or get from one of the girls in Poseidon's realm on Mythology island)
  • Surfer lips or classic biker lips
  • classic wavy hair/earring bangs
  • classic white skirt
  • jacket - copy from cooker34 closet or go right on counterfeit island and copy from guy in front of cafe
  • Variations: white jacket from randomizer, different skirt, ponytail, etc

Workout Outfit! (for girls)
When Captain Crawfish posted the thing about exercising for Virus Hunter, I realized I haven't made a workout outfit! For some reason ad transporter wasn't working, but if you find any other good shirts/tank tops you can use those too. You can also use a bikini.

  • go to Back Lot Island and enter the Queegeg's (?) coffeeshop on the left. Copy the woman's ponytail.
  • Add bang earrings or any other bangs you want
  • Classic lipstick (biker)
  • Classic white skirt
  • Vampire 1 tank top, bikini (surfer girl or from Mythology island), or purple top on the right from Astro Knights - in front of the castle
  • If you want, you can buy Soccer girl, Cheerleader, Karate master, etc to get the sweat band/ponytail/other athletic stuff
  • You can also get the ponytail from the girl on Reality TV island (one of the contestants)
  • Use any skirt you want or shorts
cute and casual?

The first one I made on abcdgr8 a while ago but I don't think I posted it. Basically it's classic hair, bang/earrings, white skirt and brown jacket (from the guy in front of the cafe on Counterfeit). The anchor shirt is from "In The Now" at the mall on Night Watch (use http://poptropicarticles.blogspot.com/2013/04/night-watch-island-walkthrough.html to find out how to get there)

For the next 2 outfits I used part of something from an ad called "13 wishes Monster High" that I saw on Virus Hunter, but it will probably depend on your age if you see it. I don't think it's customizable. Basically if you make 13 wishes, you get this outfit.

K, I'm not really sure about the second outfit so let me know what you think. I think it's kinda ugly but it might look better with a different hair color...Basically I used the skirt from the ad and the Queen of Egypt top.

For the 3rd outfit I started out with the "French girl" look from http://poptropicarticles.blogspot.com/2013/04/new-outfits_17.html and changed the top to the one from the ad.

Spring Outfits

First costume:
  • First, I used classic wavy hair and slight curl bangs
  • Go right on Astro-Knights and enter the Servant's Quarters in the castle to get the top (the servant is also wearing a long blue skirt)
  • Use classic white skirt
  • Classic lips (Biker)
  • Blue Pop Star belt
  • Cute handbag from In the Now! on Night Watch island in the mall
Second costume:
  • Prom Queen hair
  • Classic Biker lips
  • Nanny McPhee dress (use Ad Transporter or get from lightninggirl20's closet)
  • Pink tights for some color

Workout/Casual Summer Outfit

  • Prom queen bangs
  • Biker ponytail & lipstick
  • Cute tank top from woman flying kite to the left on Cryptids
  • "Glow" because I'm sweaty, or whatever :D
  • Pink skirt from Shrink Ray Island, go right and into the Science Fair and customize it from the girl - if anyone knows where there is a short light blue skirt, let me know because it would be better! I know I've seen one somewhere, but I can't remember where...


  1. i like the most is merida costume

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    2. Englisch ist wirklich dumme. Warum verschwendest du deine Zeit, die es zu lernen würde?

  3. where exactly and how can you get the hooded figure?

    1. if you complete the Haunted House, a card you can get in the store, there is a room filled with "Halloween" characters that you can customize. the hooded figure is one of them.

  4. that sailor outfit yah i used that and i got the bag fom in the now

  5. do u have a walkthrough on haunted house thing? im stuck on the part where you have to get the ice out of the fridge.

    1. The walkthrough for the Haunted House is at http://poptropicarticles.blogspot.com/2012/10/haunted-house.html

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    1. I think that you can now, just click menu and the green shirt thing... you just can't wear store-bought items

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  12. Stop mit den ficken englischen Namen!
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