Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Outfits

I was reading some other blogs and got some inspiration for some costumes. However, I haven't finished all of them, so here are a few:

Secret Agent:
  • This is a slight twist on the costume for Spy Island, so I guess you could use this for Spy if you wanted... Anyways
  • Optional - get a headpiece microphone thingy, but it comes off if you put on sunglasses. If you want, go right on Lunar Colony, enter the office, and customize it from the woman on the right
  • If you want,  sunglasses from inside HQ on spy
  • Sweatshirt thing - a character on Reality TV, or copy it from samevan381 by friending them
  • Long black skirt/sweatpants = classic, find in common rooms or almost anywhere
French girl:
  • Get Biker ponytail and Prom Queen bangs
  • Jacket and shirt from Counterfeit island
  • White skirt almost anywhere
  • If you want, get a belt (preferably white)
  • Use Fairy Queen to get the tiara/bangs and use classic wavy hair
  • Use Fairy Queen or other pale pink lips
  • Use Surfer Girl costume to get the top, necklace, and belt (blue)
  • Use Geisha to get the skirt
  • Go to 24 Carrot Island and enter the Carrot King Diner. Go left and mix red and white in the cup until you have the hair color you want. Drink to get pink hair!
  • If you want, get bubble follower
  • If you want, dye your skin blue using Ctrl + Shift + S or go left on Early Poptropica and click the balloon you want
  • Get onto Mystery Train Island and go left. Copy the lady in the yellow dress' messy hair
  • Use Prom Queen bang-over-eye
  • Use Biker jacket
  • Use Pop Star microphone
  • Use Vampire 3 gray shirt
  • Use classic black pants
Enjoy! More coming soon...

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