Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Night Watch Island Walkthrough


Becoming a Security Guard
1. Run right, past the line of people waiting for the mall to open. Go right to the parking lot.
2. First, talk to the security guard, who cries and walks away. This is your chance to customize here! (see link above for combinations)
3. Next, talk to the man in the car. Then, talk to the sports guy.
4. Go left again. Go to the door that says SECURITY OFFICE. Press the red button and the woman will let you in. The first test is to notice the 5 differences. You need to click in these places:

5. Next, you are going to try a "real-life" situation. On your scooter thing, drive right and talk to everyone who passes. Then, go right. Stop the robot from going up the escalator then go left again. Stop the thief (by following after him) and you have passed the test.
6. You are now left in the security office. The screen tells you there is a disturbance at MacGuffin's.

Navigating the Mall
1. To navigate the mall, you want to take a look at the mall directories to help you know where to go. The places you don't need to do to complete the island also have some cool features, so I will tell you what you can do later. The middle wing has the security office, Chinese food place, and Manager's Office. To the right of that:
You can refer back to this!
If you go left past the middle wing (two lefts from the right wing):
2. Now, you want to find MacGuffin's. This is on the top floor of the right wing.

Patrolling the Stores
1. Enter MacGuffin's, and a phone is ringing. Click on the massage chair and answer the phone to talk to the previous security guard. He shows you how to use the phone, which will alert you about disturbances in the mall. Try out the different features, then exit MacGuffin's.
2. When you leave, the phone will alert you of a disturbance at Slugger's This is in the 2nd floor of the right wing, just a floor below you. Enter and click the box lying on the floor. Take out the phone and call the store owner by going to Contacts> Slugger's Owner> Call. 

3. After talking to him, click on the statue and enter the code 6723. The baseball card is safe! Answer the phone, then put the baseball card back and slide back the statue. 
4. Exit, and after a while, your phone will tell you to go to Giuseppe's Toys. This is in the left wing on the 3rd floor. Go left twice and take the escalator or elevator up to the 3rd floor. 
5. It looks like there isn't a problem at all - just some toys. Pick up the toy bird and toy robot, then exit. 
6. By now, your phone should have rung about Sizzle Tanning Salon. (If not, just go anyways) This is in the right wing on the 1st floor. Go there. In the second tanning booth, there is a woman tanning. Be careful not to click on the 1st one unless you want to be tanned! 
7. Exit and go to the Good Deals Electronic Shop (you get an alert about that). This is on the 3rd floor in t he right wing. You see a thief! Talk to the security guard, then go to the Crawl Mart, which is on the 1st floor of the left wing.
8. Talk to the Crawl Mart owner - now it looks like you have to catch a snake! Exit the store and follow the snake to the right wing. Next, enter MacGuffin's (3rd floor, right wing) and you will find the snake in the 3rd Port-a-Potty, which is shaking. 
9. Again, the snake escapes. Go to Sizzle Tanning Salon (1st floor) and the snake is in the 1st tanning bed. Exit and go left. Now he is in the Chinese Food booth. Take out the toy bird, which the snake eats, then disappears. Talk to the pet shop owner, and he says he'll get him in the morning.

Following the Thief
1. Go to Carnival Costumes (right wing, 3rd floor) where there is another disturbance. The signal to the security camera is lost! Go left, and the thief costume is a real thief! Talk to the old security card, and he tells you to go to MacGuffin's. Go there (just to the left of Carnival Costumes). 
2. Hide until the lights turn off, and you see the thief. You surprise him! Pick up the key he drops. 

3. Go to the Good Deals Electronics store and use the toy robot to keep the lights on. Use the key to open the door to the back EMPLOYEES ONLY room for the store. Look at the piece of paper by the TV.
4. Talk to the old security guard who calls you. Go to PrintFax (3rd floor, left wing).
5. On your way to PrintFax, the burglar runs you over on a golf cart. Talk to the old security guard again - you need to get the scooter from the Manager's Office (middle wing, 2nd floor)
6. Go to the Manager's Office. Type in the password FROST on the locked door to get the scooter. However, the scooter needs to be charged. 
7. Go to MacGuffin's to get the Quick Charger (right wing, 3rd floor). Click on the one on business display to pick it up. Go back to the Mall Manager's Office.
8. Use the charger to charge the scooter. Go down the escalator and into the right wing of the mall, ride all the way right, then go back. Wait by the Speedy Snail and chase after the thief as he goes down the escalator and passes you.
9. When you catch the thief, you realize he is a dummy! He is a decoy. Now there is a disturbance at PrintFax, go there. (left wing, 3rd floor). 
10. In PrintFax, click on the copying machine on the right. Go to Menu>Reprint Last Scan>Print. It's the baseball card! Talk to the old security guard again.
11. Next, go to Slugger's (right wing, 2nd floor). Push away the statue. The safety box is missing! Talk to the old security guard yet again. You want to get the blowtorch from the Manager's Office. Go there.
12. Click on the "Employee of the Month" picture and pick up the blowtorch. Now go to the new store (right wing, 1st floor)
13. Use the blowtorch and enter the store. Go right and talk to the thief. Now the chase begins.

Chasing the Thief
1. Climb up the yellow ladder. Next, follow these steps.
2. To avoid things, you will want to break the red things ("plats"). Equip your blowtorch.
- Break the first 2 plats to your right. 
- Climb up the ladder and go right. Break the plat and follow the piping right. Climb up the next ladder
- Break 2 of the plats above you and walk above the gears.
- When you get to the end, break the last plat to get out. Drop down the pipe
3. Now, the thief starts hitting you.
- Repeat the way you want before. This time, instead of climbing up the ladder, break the plat to your left (about halfway in the ladder)
- Go left and follow the almost invisible black piping
- Break the A/C box and go back to the regular piping
4. "This isn't over yet!"
- Continue until you are back to where the thief stood before
- Go left and break the brown plat
- Once again, follow the invisible piping and break the brown plats. Follow the black piping by breaking the leftmost plat and follow the ladder up and right 
- You caught the thief!
5. Watch as the scene plays out. Congratulations, you caught the thief and you RECEIVE YOUR ISLAND MEDALLION!


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to beat once u got the cheats! Thank u!:)

  2. daaang that was so easy! thanks for the walkthrough! xx