Friday, February 22, 2013

Night Watch Island!

This island is now out to members! If you are not a member, you can do the demo, and I've put together some costumes while you're waiting.

Girl version:

  • To start off the island, you'll just be a normal "shopper". You can choose any casual girl costume, then add a bag or other related handheld item. Here's how I got this particular one...
  • Use the Biker ponytail and lips
  • Friend lightninggirl20 and use her shirt and skirt
  • You can find the bag in most common rooms
  • For the security guard version, I put a twist on the classic security guard costume (you can still use this from the Porter costume on Mystery Train - which you have to have already done, or the police on Zomberry or Super Power, or the guard in the museum at Counterfeit). Put this on after you have done the first part.
  • Keep the white skirt. From the police on Zomberry or Super Power, copy the belt. You can also copy the hat if you want. 
  • Use the Biker Ponytail and classic lips, and white skirt from the girl on Counterfeit or costume closet of lightninggirl20
  • Use Randomizer (Ctrl + Shift + R) or one of the random people on Early Poptropica (keep on going in and out until you find it) and get the blue button-down shirt
  • Put on the badge you earn from doing the first part of Night Watch
Boy version:
  • For this you just want a casual costume and possibly a handheld item. I found a new costume for this, or you can use any of the old costumes I've posted.
  • Go to Cryptids and copy a polo shirt and pants from any of the people on Main Street
  • Use Jack's hair or any other classic hair and smile
  • Randomize to get a handheld item such as a cell phone or you can put on a backpack or another handheld item from one of the costumes in the store
  • For security guard, copy everything (hat if you want) from 4 places - the police to the left on Zomberry, to the right on Super Power, inside the museum to the left in Counterfeit, or to the right in Night Watch (you can't have started yet). Don't forget to customize the tie!
  • Same as before, use classic hair and smile. If you want to use the security guard with a twist look at the girl version and omit the skirt (use regular tan or blue pants).

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  1. UPDATE: I tried again, and it looks like you can't get the belt anymore! However, there is a security guard costume at Carnival Costumes in the mall, and you can get the belt from there. There's some other cool costumes at In The Now, and I recognize all of the Carnival Costumes costumes from other islands!