Friday, February 22, 2013

Night Watch Island Demo

While you're waiting for this island to come out (if you're not a member), you can play the demo! Get your costume for Night Watch here

1. Run right, past the line of people waiting for the mall to open. Go right to the parking lot.
2. First, talk to the security guard, who cries and walks away. This is your chance to customize here! (see link above for combinations)
3. Next, talk to the man in the car. Then, talk to the sports guy.
4. Go left again. Go to the door that says SECURITY OFFICE. Press the red button and the woman will let you in. The first test is to notice the 5 differences. You need to click in these places:
5. Next, you are going to try a "real-life" situation. On your scooter thing, drive right and talk to everyone who passes. Then, go right. Stop the robot from going up the escalator then go left again. Stop the thief (by following after him) and you have passed the test.
6. You are now left in the security office. The screen tells you there is a disturbance at MacGuffin's. However, you cannot re-enter the mall yet. 

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