Friday, April 5, 2013

Back Lot Island

This island just came out yesterday to members! Of course, you want to put on a suitable outfit. After scoping out the island, I decided you want to be casual-dressy. For girls, this can be a dress with casual hair and for boys, a jacket or button-down shirt. If you want, you can put on sunglasses. (See my director costume here)

Girl version:

  • As one option, you can use the pink dress from an ad (found here). You can also use the blue dress, or black dress on spy island, the Nanny McPhee dress from Ad Transporter, or even a fancy shirt and skirt - see previous blog posts for combos
  • Use classic lips (Biker or other pink lips)
  • Wavy hair and hoop earring bangs (see almost ANY other post)
  • If you want, put on a white jacket, which can be found with randomizer, almost any common room, or random Poptropican
Boy version:
  • Use classic hair and smile - if you want, customize cooker34 or his closet!
  • Get the belt from the guy to the left on Red Dragon
  • Classic brown/gray/black pants
  • Get the jacket from the girl right under the blimp on Red Dragon
  • If you want, use the brown shirt from the "movie star" on Back Lot inside the cafe
  • You can also use button down or polo shirts, like from the guys on Main St on Cryptids

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