Friday, October 19, 2012

Great Casual Girl Costume!

While going around some old ads, I found some great pieces for costumes and one GREAT casual girl's costume - this dress has been seen in common rooms and on some blogs but no one ever found out where it was FROM. 

Now, how to get this costume...
  • First, log on to your account. In a new tab, go to and click on "Lemonade Mouth" ad. It should transport you there with the account you are logged in to.
  • Copy the dress from the girl there
  • Now, I experimented with the hair here. I used wavy from the girl on Shrink Ray when you go right, with some curly bangs with hoop earrings. You can combine "base" hair and bangs however you want.
  • Classic biker lips
  • Black biker jacket or white jacket from Reality TV or common rooms
  • Although it is not shown in this picture, you can use Rockstar 2 star and eyeliner with bang-over-the-eye from Prom Queen and headband (See below) This looks better with darker hair colors. 
Some other great parts in ads:
  • Good purple skirt - Monster High Gloom Beach (use ad transporter link above)
  • Good red jacket (perfect for cold islands!), gray skirt, schoolgirl vest/shirt, and ponytail - Tower Prep 
  • Good designed headband (works better for darker color hairs) - Electric Company
  • Good blue shirt - The Spy Next Door
  • Good skirt & tank top - Littlest Pet Shop Fairies (use Ad Transporter 2 at

Oh, and another good casual costume shirt I've never mentioned.... CJ's turquoise striped hoodie. You will have to finish Shrink Ray to get this one.

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