Friday, October 26, 2012


Since it's getting close to Halloween, I have found TONS of different costumes. You may want to match the island you're doing, but if you're wandering, it's always nice to have a costume. You can also always consider some of the non-casual island costumes, such as the pirate from Skullduggery (see other blog posts). You can also use Harry Potter, which is a previous post. Here are some options and how to get them:
Hunter of Artemis
Merida from Brave (as requested)

Goth Girl

Hooded Figure
Band-Aid Guy

First, the angel. You can buy this from the store but I added a few twists. White prom queen dress, angel wings from the angel from the store, and halo. Whatever bangs or extra hair in addition to the halo you want. Classic lips. If you want, slight glow Phantom on its lowest setting.

Hunter of Artemis. Any color prom queen dress you want. Sack of arrows and bow from Robin Hood. Tiara from the Fairy Queen and wavy hair or whatever long hair you want. You can also do a ponytail from the Biker if you want the arrows to be more visible. Slight glow if you want.

Merida from Brave - green or blue dress from Mythology, or you can use Prom Queen dress. If you want, leaves in hair from one of the girls in Herc's Hero Hut on Mythology. Bow and sheet of arrows from Robin Hood. Die your hair red with Ctrl+Shift+H and pale skin with Ctrl+Shift+S (stop when you find the color you want). If you want, any belt would work.

Fairy - Prom Queen dress, preferably pink. Tiara/bangs from Fairy Queen, and wand. Wavy hair and wings from anywhere you can find it. Angel wings also work.

Goth Girl - This works better with white skin and dark hair. First, go down the sewer hole on Early Poptropica. Copy the girl's skull headband and mouth if you want. Then, go to Astro Knights. Go right twice and enter the Mill. Climb up, and copy the girl's black top, skirt, and skull belt.

Vampire - Do the Haunted House and copy the Vampire's dress from the party. Use wavy hair and bangs.

Witch - Copy from Haunted House. You can use the black version if you want.

Hooded Figure - Haunted House. Copy everything. Weapon if you want.

Band-Aid Guy - Use Ad Transporter 2 (go to in a new tab once you're already logged into your account in a seperate account) and go to Wimpy Kid Dog Days. Do Perfect Splash and you get this.

Vampire - Haunted House, copy everything.

Adventurer - Copy various parts from Astro Knights and Biker ponytail.

Any other ideas are welcome!

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  1. The bandaid guy is extra cool.