Monday, October 8, 2012

Super Villain

This island opens to the public on October 18, 2012. From doing the demo I found a good costume to fit the part and fits in with the island.

You basically need a casual costume with casual hair, lips, and a lab coat over it. Skirts for girls do not go well with the lab coat. You can use any shirt you like. The microphone is optional.

Girl version:

  • First, get the pants, shirt, and belt from the girl directly under the blimp on Red Dragon Island.
  • If you want to use the other shirt, friend getthistopnow and customize the shirt.
  • Get the bangs from the girl to the left of the blimp on Cryptids.
  • Get the ponytail and lipstick from the Biker in the store. You can use any classic lipstick and ponytail
  • Go to Lunar Colony. Run into the office and copy a mouthpiece from any of the people there (it is to the right), you may have to do the first part of the island to get to there
  • Lab coat - see below
Boy version
  • Do the first part of Red Dragon island until you get to Jack and Annie. Use Annie's shirt and Jack's hair.
  • Get long black pants from anywhere around Poptropica.
  • Get a classic smile
  • Microphone - see above
  • Lab coat - see below
Now, to get the lab coat, you need to do the first part of Super Villain up to the end of the demo. Follow these steps to get it.

1. Climb up the scaffolding to the top building where it says office. Enter and go right.
2. Talk to the person and then exit. There is a helicopter waiting for you.
3. When landing, whenever you see a cloud flash, quickly move out of the way before your parachute gets hit by lightning. Try to get hit less than twice. 
4. Swim right and climb up the rocks. When you see the rock by the security camera, jump and the doors will open. Enter.
5. Go right and talk to the security guard. You will pass the security scans. 
6. When you are in the office, take the elevator. You pass various evil characters from Poptropica islands. When you land, go down and talk to the guy with glasses and white beard. You can now customize the lab coat from him. Your outfit is complete! You can also use these steps to do the 1st part of this island.

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