Sunday, September 16, 2012

Red Dragon Island

This island is fairly easy, with a few challenges. In this case you want to start off with normal clothes for winter, then when you get to Japan, change to a kimono, and when you become a ninja, wear a suitable ninja outfit. Here's 2 different stages of outfits:

Here's how I got them...

Girl version:
  • Winter outfit - use the costume from Wimpy Wonderland 
  • Kimono - Use a classic hairstyle, like the wavy hair and earrings from the girl right on Shrink Ray island. Copy a kimono from whoever you like. I chose the light blue kimono, with a light blue sash.
  • Ninja - You can either choose black or white. I chose white, with my classic hair and sash still on.
Boy version:
  • Winter outfit - Use the costume from Wimpy Wonderland
  • Kimono - Use a classic hairstyle and pick a kimono you like.
  • Ninja - Pick a color, and combine it with whatever you want

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