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Skullduggery Island Walkthrough


This island is kind of weird, because instead of a step-by-step walkthrough, you can do many different things and still beat the island. However, I am posting the best method to beat the island the fastest.

Beginning the game
1. Go right and cross the covered bridge. Go down towards the stream, then go left. Pick up the doubloon. Get back to the main level by going the way you came.
2. Go left to Stinky Tim's Store. Buy a bag of feed and get the broken mirror on top of one of the shelves. 
3. Give the feed to the boy with the chickens (to the left of the store). He will give you a chicken.
4. Go right to the corn farm. Use the chicken to eat the bugs. The farmer will give you a blue candle
5. Enter the governor's house on top of the hill, and use the blue candle to reveal the missing words on the parchment.
6. Go all the way left and climb up to the telescope. When you see a raft, use the broken mirror to signal them to come back to shore.
7. The sailor's wife will be happy he is home. He gives you the raft, his cabin boy, and his old sailor. THE SAILING AND TRADING PART OF THE GAME HAS BEGUN!

Click the spacebar to drop/undrop the anchor. Generally you should only undrop it when you're leaving the dock, but you can also use the anchor to pivot. You should sail in a clockwise direction to all the islands, avoiding the middle island, buying low, and selling high. Always sell and buy at the max. You should never need to take loans from Golden Harbor. Once you have enough money to buy the next ship, buy it (at Dragon Cove), then continue your cycle of buying and trading. 

When you do your first cycle IN A CLOCKWISE DIRECTION, get each of the map pieces from each of the islands. Here's how you get them (this is the order you should start sailing in)-

1. Golden Harbor - If you jump around, you should find 5 lamps hanging around this place. Click on them to light them in this order - 1, 2, 4. The piece of the map should appear in the draped archway.
2. Pirate Outpost - Climb up the giant skull until you get to the top. On the top of the tall mast, pick up the Cannon Starter Kit. On your way down., push the barrel of explosives over the edge. Now jump down and push the explosives in the water under the golden tooth of the stone skull. Go left to the cannon. Use your kit and aim at the barrel of explosives. It will knock out the tooth, revealing the map piece.
3. Dragon Cove - Instead of climbing up the steps, go straight, where there is a fisherman. Stand on the floating statue to sink it, unveiling a mallet. Push the fisherman right to the first barrel. Use the mallet to hit the gong, causing a fish to jump from the water, causing him to catch the fish. If he doesn't catch it, re-position him until he does. He will give you the map piece. 
4. Bouffant Bay - Go right. You will see a whole bunch of hanging ferns. Jump on the 3rd, 1st, and 2nd one, and the map piece will appear.
5. Parrot Port - Go into Petey's Pirate Pub and get the cracker. Go find the parrot to the left of the trader. First jump in the sea, then go find the parrot on a windowsill. Then block the steaming chimney on top of one of the roofs, then find him in the palm tree to the far right. Then go find his owner, left and up, then use the cracker to get him to come back. Then you will get the map piece.

1. Buy grain at Golden Harbor, then sell it at Pirate Outpost.
2. Buy spices at Pirate Outpost, then sell them at Dragon Cove.
3. Buy silk at Dragon Cove, and sell them at Bouffant Bay.
4. Buy medicine at Bouffant Bay, then sell them at Parrot Port.
5. Sail back to Golden Harbor and start the cycle again. 

NEW SHIPS: You buy ships at the building in Dragon Cove. Your goal is to get the highest ship.
1. Raft - Free
2. Jimmy Rigger - 3,000 doubloons
3. Carabelle - 9,000 doubloons
4. Sea Sultan - 30,000 doubloons
5. The Koi - 90,000 doubloons
6. Steaming Fury - 300,000 doubloons
7. Phoenix Warbird - 1,000,000 doubloons

CREW: Once you have enough money, you should try to hire everyone. This will make it much easier sailing around and in the final battle. The Cargo Master is good to get from the start, because it will make you get the next ship much faster. Navigator is also useful. The other ones you don't need until the end.

  • Shipwright (Dragon Cove - go into the place where you buy your ships and he is the 2nd man on the left) - 20,000 doubloons, slowly fixes damage without docking
  • Cargo Master (Bouffant Bay - Upper Story in Willard's Warehouse) - 15,000 doubloons, increases cargo space by 50%
  • Navigator (Parrot Port - Inside Petey's Pirate Pub, where you got the cracker) - 12,000 doubloons, increases ship speed
  • Cannoneer (Pirate Outpost - follow the signs to the Cannonry, and he is inside the building) - 20,000 doubloons, increases firing rate of cannons
Once you have the highest level ship, all of the map pieces, and all of the crew, you are ready for the final battle...

Final Battle
1. Sail to the seas around Skullduggery, the new island you discovered with all the map pieces. 
2. You will find Captain Crawfish. Because he heals quickly, the trick is to corner him then shoot fast and sink him, without hurting yourself too badly. 
3. Sail back to the middle island (Fort Ridley), and talk to the governor in his house like before. He will give you a bone shovel and the location of the treasure on Skullduggery. 
4. Sail to Skullduggery. Keep on digging until you find the spot, when Captain Crawfish shows up yet again. Luckily, your crew saves you. 
5. Sail back to Fort Ridley and return the treasure, and you receive your ISLAND MEDALLION!

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