Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zomberry Island

This island is now available to members! If you aren't a member you can do the demo... I have just started this island and it seems it is dark and most likely cold, so you'll want to be wearing a jacket and holding your handy-dandy flashlight! Of course, if you wanted to, you could go for the police look, which also looks pretty good. So here's how to get the costumes and do the demo:

Girl version:
  • Copy the belt, shirt, jacket, and pants from Vampire 1 costume. If you don't have this and don't want to buy it, you can do the boy version (see below)
  • Now get classic lips - I prefer Biker or Surfer Girl
  • Go to Shrink Ray island and go right - copy the girl's hair & earrings
  • To get the flashlight, do the 1st part of Zomberry - see below
Boy version:
  • Log into your Poptropica account, then in another tab, open up Ad Transporter at and click on ParaNorman. Copy his jacket. 
  • Wear any shirt you want underneath - I used the gray shirt from Percy Jackson in the Percy Jackson ad
  • Get classic long black or blue pants that you can find anywhere
  • Use classic hair and mouth - I used Jack's messy hair from Red Dragon
Now, to do the demo...

1. Enter the island and talk to the old police man. (You can copy policeman outfit here)
2. None of the police want to go into the tunnel, so the suit guy gives you a FLASHLIGHT (which you put on to add to your outfit and use), and the notebook of the scientist working to find the zombie cure, who they have lost touch with.
3. Jump on top of the school bus and enter the tunnel.
4. Keep on moving left, jumping over obstacles and using your flashlight to guide you. If you run into a zombie, you scream AAAAH! and move away from them, so try to avoid them.
5. In a while you'll see an OIL TRUCK, with flashing green car keys. Pick them up, and keep on moving left.
6. Now stop at the green car that looks like the ones on the keys. Unlock the door using the keys and click the LIGHT button on the left. Exit and click on the crank below you to tilt the car's light in front of the zombies so they move away.
7. You can now keep on moving to the Financial District. Here, jump on the beams all the way to the top and to the right, where you see the controls for a crane. Click on them and you start the crane moving. First, click on the top right beam and move it to the top middle. Then, go to the bottom right beam - which has a toolbox on it - and move it to the space where the top right beam was. Move the crane out of the way of the beam then exit.
8. Jump over the pile of boxes and click on the toolbox. Sort through it until you find a subway pass on the bottom, which you pick up. Now jump down from the beams and run left.
9. Enter the smoothie shop and run right. Pick up a pamphlet. Now exit the store and go left.
END OF THE DEMO! More coming once the island comes out.

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