Friday, January 4, 2013

Red Dragon Island Walkthrough


Frog Creek
1. (You can start off wearing whatever casual/warm type costume you want) Run right.
2. Go all the way right and you see Jack and Annie following the star. Go right and jump on top of the tire. Roll and push it left.
3. Keep on rolling and pushing the tire left all the way through the forest until you get to the treehouse. While you're there, leave the tire and go a little bit left to pick up Jack's glasses.
4. Center the tire directly under the ladder and jump on. You should bounce onto the ladder. Climb up and enter the treehouse. 
5. Pick up the FROG CREEK book. Talk to Annie, and the JAPAN book should appear. Give Jack his glasses. Then "use" the JAPAN book and the treehouse starts moving to Japan. 

In Japan
1. You get a magic amulet from Annie and Jack, who run left. Follow them left, but you get taken to prison by the samurai because you don't have a passport. Use the magic amulet to escape.
2. Go left again and enter the bonsai shop (lots of women with baskets are in front of it). Inside, talk to the lady to get a kimono. Put it on to find a passport!
3. Exit and go left. You watch Jack and Annie get taken away.
4. Continue left and cross the bridge. Get the rotten fish on the stone steps just past the fish shop. 
5. Climb up the stone steps and go up into the "clouds". Pick up the parchment scroll from Jack and Annie.
6. Climb back down, then go left twice. Pick up the sack of mortar sitting by the lake. Enter the hut to the left and talk to the poet. Exit and go right twice.
7. The guards are having trouble finding the criminal. Put the people in order to find the thief. Once you do, you get the guard's betting slipThe order is: 

  1. Not next to anyone with a hat
  2. Not next to anyone with glasses/mustache
  3. Next to someone with a mustache
  4. Next to person in middle
  5. Behind someone with hat
8. Continue right to the bridge. It is broken so the sumo wrestlers cannot come through. Use the mortar to fix the bridge by moving the pieces of the bridge to fit like a puzzle. When the sumo wrestler passes by, pick up the bonsai scissors he throws.
9. Go slightly right and under the bridge to the lake. Talk to the man in the boat, and use the rotten fish to lure the kappa. To get him to appear in the right spot, you need to block off all entrances except the one to the net. Use the fire to light the lantern, the bees and rocks to block all other holes, and the frog to block all but the middle lily pad. 

10. Climb up and go right. Enter the bonsai hut again. Use the bonsai scissors to cut a bonsai tree. Be very careful and patient, because it has to be exact!
11. Exit and go left to the sumo arena, which are up and to the left of the gray steps, but NOT the one where you got the message from Jack and Annie. Enter and talk to Yokozuna. Draw Chinese characters for his fans, then go right. Talk to the sumo challenger, and you take his place. 
12. When fighting Yokozuna, jump whenever he moves. Eventually he gets mad and has a red face that jumps. Quickly jump when he starts charging and he falls off the arena. Once you win, Basho saves you from the upset soldiers and takes you to his hut.

Samurai Training 
1. Put on the samurai outfit (see here for costume suggestions for this) and begin your training. Do what Basho says - you automatically use the claws but you need to select the staff, throwing stars, eye, and smoke bombs. 
2. Once you have finished your training, help Basho fix the wall (the same way you fixed the bridge) and go right. Climb back up to the original gray steps in the clouds where you got the message from Jack and Annie.

The Cliff and Fortress
1. Go to the right and use your claws to jump up the wall, alternating left and right. Try to avoid bumpy areas or areas in the cloud, where you will most likely fall down. Continue climbing to the top, using the ropes and platforms to help you up. When your reach the top, go left.
2. Enter the first fortress. You can use the eye to help you see what is coming. Toss smoke bombs at the guards and throwing stars at the lights and ropes. In each section, you have to collect the key to the door and the 3 pieces of the haiku. When darts get thrown at you, spin the bo staff, run, and jump. You can use the rings to swing. 
3. When you get to the final "inner sanctum", you use the haiku as a password to enter. Use a throwing star to cut down Jack and Annie's cage and surround the shogun. A scene plays out, and you end up on a snowy mountain.

Dragon Battle
1. Climb up the mountain and climb on the ice dragon. 
2. The easiest thing to do is to lose and start in easy mode, however if you want you can win in normal mode. Use the clouds to fill up as your power source. Spray at the Red Dragon to hurt him and at the houses to put out the fire. If you're in easy mode, just keep your spray constantly on, following the red dragon, spraying at him and the houses. 
3. Once you win, a scene plays out. Use the amulet to return to the treehouse, and the Frog Creek book to return to Frog Creek. Jack and Annie give you the ISLAND MEDALLION!

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