Friday, January 4, 2013

Mythology Island

This island is fairly hard, but a lot of fun to do all the challenges. You'll of course want to fit in wearing Greek clothing - leaves in hair, togas, etc. You have lots of option for this and it's a lot of fun to do. Here are a few options and combinations.


Girl version:
  • For this one, I used the Prom Queen pink skirt (which is less baggy but optional), Aphrodite's shirt and toga top, wavy hair, classic Biker lips, and the small Greek-looking headband that one of the girls is wearing in Herc's Hero Hut along with regular wavy hair.
  • You can wear the Prom Queen outfit, togas from people standing on Main Street, inside Herc's Hero Hut, and all over the island. You can do whatever combination you want.
Boy version:
  • Same as the girls, but you don't have as many people to copy. You can wear classic hair, lips, and toga, or more Greek-styled hair.

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