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Mythology Island Walkthrough


The Tree of Immortality
1. Once you enter Main Street, go left. Climb up the steps to the Tree of Immortality. Climb up the tree's branches, jumping on the snake and sliding up to help you. You can jump on the mushrooms. Go up and to the right and you will find a satyr. Talk to him and he will create a path to the Apple of Immortality for you if you find him his honey.
2. Quickly run to get all 10 jars of honey in 60 seconds. It is easier to get the ones on top first, and finish by getting the ones on the bottom. When you're done, climb back up the same way you did the 1st time to get back to the satyr.
3. Talk to the satyr again and he will create the path for you with a slightly visible branch. Jump on to it and walk all the way right to the apple. Click on it and the apple will fall to the branch below. All of a sudden, the satyr disappears and Zeus comes.
4. Zeus offers you a task in exchange for your immortality. The scroll says several objects you will need to find. After he leaves, Athena comes to talk to you. Whenever you see an olive, you will find Athena's advice.

The Grove of Temples
1. Climb down the steps and go right from the Tree of Immortality. Then go right again to the Grove of Temples. 
2. Enter the musical temple and go right, where you can get a free reed pipe. Then, go slightly left. You want to talk to THIS statue from the group of statues on the right.
3. When you talk to her, she will teach you a song. Repeat the notes she plays as the melody gradually gets longer and longer. If you need to, you can write it down and then play it. Once you prove you are a "worthy musician", she will give you the music to put Cerberus to sleep
4. Exit the temple.

The Garden of the Sphinx and the Cave of the Minotaur
1. Go left 3 times - past Main Street, the Tree of Immortality, and finally over the bridge to get to the Garden of the Sphinx. 
2. The Sphinx has the flower you want, but she wants you to water the garden first. Climb up the cliffs to the right. There is a tree where you pick up a pomegranate on one of the rocks, then continue right and climb up the rope that says AQUEDUCTS. As you go, follow the stream where the water would be and click all levers and push all bridges. Walk slowly so you don't fall of the edge.
3. When you get to the top, click the final lever to make the water go. Follow the water stream to make sure you didn't miss any levers or bridges, then you can take the flower from the Sphinx. 
4. Next go left and up to the Cave of the Minotaur. On the entrance there is a color-coded and numbered key. Take out your reed pipe and play the song on the entrance. Make sure you aren't talking while you take out the reed pipe so you can see the music. You should be able to see it while the object is open, but if you can't see the music just use this:

5. Enter the Cave of the Minotaur. Talk to the Minotaur, who says he will only give you the ring in his nose if you complete the labyrinth. Enter the labyrinth, and Athena gives you a magic thread to follow inside the labyrinth so you don't go to the same place twice. Use the thread to help you. When you see the satyr, follow to get to him and talk to him.
6. When you get to a stone block, make the word "ten" with the bones and it will let you pass. Continue along the maze and you will find a scorpion, which you have to jump over, get to the small ledge, then get out. You have completed the labyrinth!
7. Next their is a puzzle with snakes to let yourself out. You are trying to catch the snake with the red eyes 7 times. The trick is to keep your mouse on one hole and WAIT for the snake to appear there. When you catch him, move to another hole. While this takes patience, it is MUCH easier than moving around and trying to catch him in time. 
8. Exit and talk to the Minotaur again, and he will give you his nose ring. Exit the cave.

The Realms of Hades and Poseidon
1. Run right across the bridge and into Main Street. Enter the Museum of Olympus where you will see the story of the gods. When it is over, pick up the starfish on Poseidon (the statue)'s face.
2. Next, continue right to the Grove of Temples. Jump over the cliff into the realm of Hades, then take the mud-elevators up and into the realm of Poseidon. Enter the temple.
3. Use the starfish on the altar and another door will enter, which you enter. Go left, where the girls can copy some cool outfits if they want, then talk to Aphrodite. She will give you a test, where you have to guess the names of the gods. The answers are Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia. She will give you a touchscreen mirror so you can travel to the realms of the gods at a touch as long as you've been there once. 
4. Next, go left into the water. DIVE DOWN in the dark area in the water and swim underwater through the rock maze. Swim into bubbles to give you oxygen. Swim right, down, and left, where you will see an opening and closing clam.
5. Quickly swim to get the pearl inside of the clam when it is open, then come out. Go left and down and enter the cave of the hydra to the left. 
6. To defeat the hydra, you need to jump on top of the heads while they're coming at you. You can tell if a head is coming at you because it shakes, then comes towards you. Quickly jump on its head and it will die. You need to do this for all of the heads quickly before they come back to life, and after a few tries you should get the hang of it. 
7. Once you've hit all of its heads, jump down from the rock and swim up to the heads. Click on it to get one of their scales. 
Easy peasy.
8. Once you've collected the scale, use your mirror to take you back to Aphrodite. Exit the realm of Poseidon by exiting the beach, then the temple. Finally jump left over the cliff back to the realm of Hades. Talk to the boy standing in front of the temple. Click on each of the graffiti pieces individually and CAREFULLY wipe out the WHOLE THING. Once you've removed all of the graffiti, the boy will give you a drachma. 
9. Now enter the temple. Place the pomegranate you found on the altar, and another door will open. Jump all the way down the pit and jump into the boat on the River Styx. Talk to the boatman, and he will give you a ride.
10. Here, you need to avoid falling rocks, skulls, and river monsters. They come in the same order each time, so you know when to duck and jump each time. Try to stay in the front of the boat in case you accidentally get knocked, you won't get knocked off the boat. Duck twice toe avoid the falling rock and skull, then jump to avoid the river monster. Repeat this until you get to the shore.
11. At the shore, you see Cerberus. Use your pipe to play this music to put Cerberus to sleep: blue green yellow blue red green Then, take his whisker by clicking on him while he is asleep. 
12. You now have all 5 items you need. Use the touchscreen mirror by click on Zeus (the lightning bolt), and it will take you to Main Street. 

The Forest
1. Go left and talk to Athena. Put together each message that comes with a piece to get this message:
2. Zeus appears and steals all of the items from you. He won't give you immortality - he only wanted to rule all of Poptropica! 
3. Athena tells you to appeal to Hercules, who could help you. He doesn't want to walk on foot, so you use the touchscreen mirror. 

Traveling With Hercules
1. Use the touchscreen mirror to travel to the realm of Hades. Hercules uses his strength to move the rock in front of the door to the Throne Room so you can talk to Hades. Talk to Hades, and he will give you his crown, which you can use to defeat Zeus. This will also make you big in common rooms and more - learn more here! 
2. Next travel to Poseidon's underwater realm. Hercules will remove the rock to Poseidon's throne room. Enter there and talk to Poseidon to get his trident, which you can also use to defeat Zeus. 
3. Finally use the mirror to get to the realm of Zeus. Hercules will unlock the gate for you. 
4. Enter, and the first hazard you meet is.... Medusa! Unfortunately, Hercules gets turned into stone, but luckily, he's happy :-) 
5. Go right and use your drachma to purchase a wind bag from Aeolus. There are free refills, so if it doesn't lift you up to the first cliff the first time, just click on him again and you get try again. 
6. Climb up the cliffs (climb on the Zeus statue as well), then go up into the pink clouds. Light up all 4 statues of Zeus by passing them to get Zeus to come out. 

Battle Against Zeus
1. You instantly put on the crown and trident. The pink clouds are your lifeline, so zoom around, avoiding Zeus shooting at you, and collecting pink clouds. When you have collected a lot, aim relentlessly at Zeus until you are running low on pink clouds again. Stop and avoid him when he starts to glow and shoot balls at you. When he comes back to normal, continue to repeat the process until his lifeline is dead.
2. Zeus gives up the objects and your mission is complete! Athena gives you your ISLAND MEDALLION! 

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