Sunday, November 4, 2012

Special Effects on Poptropica!

When you're in a common room, you'll want to stand out - not just with an awesome costume that everyone copies. One thing you can do is buy the VANISH gold card to give you a slight glow. Now, there are some other things you can do that are free.

- Complete Mythology island. When you are in a common room, open up to your items from Mythology. Put on Hades' crown and press space. You will grow! Now change your hair back to normal and you are still big. It's fun to walk around with big steps and be WAY taller than everyone else :-) It goes away when you exit though, so you have to put it on whenever you go in a common room, which is the nice thing about using VANISH, which lasts all the time.
- If you don't want to buy VANISH, another thing you can do to make yourself kind of electric is put on Poseidon's Trident. Sorry, you can't use the one you get from Super Villain! Press space and you will sparkle with electricity, then take it off, and you are still sparkling. Do it a few times to make sure it stays. 

It's fun to stand out! 
In case you were wondering about the outfit...
- Pleated white skirt you can find almost anywhere
- Shirt-over-the-shoulder from the girl on Mythology
- Earrings and wavy hair from the girl RIGHT on Avenue A on Shrink Ray
- Classic Biker lips
- A cute necklace that matches the earrings I found in a common room


  1. thanks this helped...i felt so powerful and important when i was taller than every one i wanted to show off to my friend. :)

  2. Hi, I Know How To Get The Jail Thingy First, Comeplete Super power island then, costimise one of the jailers -Mansa123

    1. oh thanks! I already have it saved in my closet but it's nice to know where it came from :)

  3. What is your Username? I Want to friend you Bye.