Monday, November 12, 2012


Katniss from  The Hunger Games is a very popular look and very easy to get.

The first look is Katniss in her reaping outfit, and the 2nd is her as a hunter. 

HAIR AND SKIN - If you haven't already, make your hair dark brown and skin pale. You can use Ctrl+Shift+H and Ctrl+Shift+S or go left on Early Poptropica and click on the balloon you want your skin to be. Then go to 24 Carrot and go into the Carrot King Diner and drink the color you want your hair to be.

BRAID - Get any braid. You can find it from random people on Early Poptropica, randomize yourself, or get a braid from Surfer in the store. There is also a girl wearing a nice braid on Mythology next to Aphrodite. If you've already done Mythology, just use the touchscreen mirror to get to Aphrodite, then go right.

BANGS - You can use any bangs you want, like bang-over-the-eye from Prom Queen or a slightly wavy bang, like I used.

DRESS - This is Katniss' reaping dress. First, log on to Poptropica. Go to and click on Lemonade Mouth. Climb up and copy the blue dress from the girl there.

LIPS - Use any lips you want that look good. Generally, Katniss isn't a smily-type of person.

BOW AND ARROW - Get from Robin Hood in the store (get the bow and sheath of arrows)

JACKET AND SHIRT - Go to Red Dragon Island and copy the long jacket from the guy left in front of the bookstore. Go to mythology and copy the green shirt from the girl inside Herc's Hero Hut - you can use another color if you want. Get long dark blue or black pants and use the belt that comes with a knife from the Robin Hood costume.

Ta-da! You're Katniss!