Thursday, November 15, 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

This island just came out today for members, and will be coming out in December for non-members. However, you can still do the demo and get together your costume... This is a pretty cold island, but gets hot when you get inside the factory. You want to be like the other participants and be a little dressy, but not too much.


There are quite a few options, plus much more I'm not showing. I suggest jacket for the first part of the island, and you can take the jacket off when it gets warmer inside the factory. For girls, this means you can wear a dress. 

Girl version:
  • For the dress, go to and click on Lemonade Mouth (once you're logged into Poptropica on a separate tab) Either copy the girl in the pink dress or climb up and copy the girl in the blue dress.
  • Any cute bangs with earrings and wavy hair (you can find almost anywhere)
  • V2. Go to Shrink Ray island and go right. Copy the girl. You can also use boy version.
  • V3. Copy everything from the Vampire 1 girl costume then use regular hair.
  • V4. Copy the huge puffy coat - either blue or tan - from the 2 women standing outside the factory
Boy version:
  • Go to the link above. Once you're logged in, click on Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Copy his gray t-shirt and green jacket. You can wear long black or blue pants. In this case, I used Jack's messy hair from Red Dragon, but you can use any hair.
  • V2: Go to the link above, except go to ParaNorman. Copy the jacket. You can wear dark long pants and whatever shirt you want under it, as long as it goes with it. Classic mouth and hair. GIRLS, YOU CAN USE THESE TOO! 
  • V3: Copy the huge puffy coat from the man standing outside the factory, who also chases Charlie when he gets the golden ticket.
Want to do the demo? Easy!

1. Talk to Charlie, who says he wants chocolate. He leaves.
2. Go left and click on the 1st telephone booth. You get a coin. 
3. You see Charlie leave his house. Follow him and go to the shop.
4. Give Charlie the coin, and he buys a chocolate bar. He is too nervous to open it, so use the mouse to peel down the wrapper for him.
5. Push the people so Charlie can get out the door, then do the mini-game, to help Charlie avoid the mob of people. Click on the boxes to slow them down.
6. You see a 6th golden ticket come out of the factory. Chase and follow it left, climbing up the buildings.
7. You arrive just in time. Enter the factory doors. Talk to the people and wait, until Willy Wonka comes out. You can customize them if you want.
8. He talks to each person. As soon as you go in, everyone goes crazy. Willy Wonka asks you to get his cane for him.
9. Go left and pick up the cane. When you go right, everyone is gone.
END OF THE DEMO! Full walkthrough coming soon.

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