Monday, December 24, 2012

Poptropolis Games Island Walkthrough

Beginning the Island
1. Enter the island and you immediately pick your team. These also correspond with a common room that you can join with other people from your team. The choices are:

  • Flying Squid 
  • Seraphim 
  • Black Flags 
  • Nightcrawlers 
  • Nanobots 
  • Yellowjackets 
  • Pathfinders 
  • Wildfire 

2. You receive a jersey, which you can put on if you want, or go here for other costume ideas.
3. Go right and talk to the guy with the microphone. Then go right to begin the games. After the opening ceremony, you talk to the guy to choose which events you want to do. You will eventually do all of the events, but you can do them in any order. Practice a few times first before actually competing for each game.

The Games
1. Archery 
- The goal is to get bulls eye on every shot to get a total score of 100.
- Put the cursor on the center of the target, then adjust it based on the wind speed.
- Click when the power meter on the right side of the screen has both bars aligned
- Repeat for each shot, checking the wind speed each time.
2. Diving
- The highest possible score for this is 45 points.
- Look at the routine, then do what it says as the arrows change when you are falling. To twist in a certain direction, hold the pointer to the left or right of your character. When you are close to the bottom, click to finish the dive correctly and get a perfect score - but don't do this too soon, or you will land wrong. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
3. Hurdles
- In this event, you always end up placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd no matter what.
- Click to jump over the hurdles with the right timing. If you hit a hurdle, you slow down. Practice a few times to get the hang of it.
4. Javelin
- In this event, your best score of 3 will be the one that counts.
- Aim for the green to pick the angle and power. Power is more important, so try to click at the very end of the green. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
5. Long Jump
- This is another game where it takes your best score from 3.
- Click and HOLD the mouse until you get to the end of the runway. Release to jump into the air, then click ONCE to "extend" your jump. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
6. Pole Vault
-  In this event, there is a countdown and you automatically start running. As soon as you get into the LAUNCH area, click to plant your pole. Click a 2nd time to release your pole, and hopefully you'll sail over the bars. 
- If you get a score of over 40 m, you'll win this one for sure. Practice a few times and it should be easy to win. 
7. Power Lifting
- To do this, you start with different weights and keep on going. Click the moving target as many times as you can. If it turns green, you lift it higher, but if you miss and it turns red, you lift the weight lower. 
- As the weights get heavier, the target moves faster. You have to be patient because clicking randomly will only make it harder.
8. Shot Put
- First, you have to set your angle. Try to click so all 3 are in the middle of the green zone. For the power, you have to watch the dials move, and click when all 3 are lined up. It is best to watch the outer circle and click at the exact right moment
- If you do it right, you will get a good throw. Your best score out of 3 is counted.
9. Triple Jump
- First, click and hold to begin. When you get to the white line, release, then quickly click and release again as you land on the next platform. Click and release for a final time on the 3rd platform and you land at the end platform.
- Your best score out of 3 is the one that counts.
Some tips from Captain Crawfish on volleyball and skiing, for the new Poptropolis...
In the downhill race, you'll probably notice two things immediately: going through a gate removes a second from your time, while hitting an obstacle adds a second. The best way to make sure that you hit gates and avoid obstacles is actually to go off jumps!

Each jump will take you over a minefield of obstacles that are hard to miss. But if you hit the jump, you'll sail clear -- and you'll land right in front of a gate.

In volleyball, there's no real trick, but the important thing to remember is that the angle the ball bounces off of you is based entirely on where it hits you. If it hits the front of you, it'll bounce forward. If it lands on top of your head, it will bounce straight into the air. And if it hits the back of you, it'll bounce backward.
The key is to try to position yourself in such a way that you'll bounce the ball at an angle that is hard for the octopus to defend.
The End
1. The scores are announced after you have done all of the events. If you don't get first place, you have to restart the island.
2. However, don't worry - you don't have to WIN every event. As long as you place in the top three almost all the time, you should win.
3. As your team is announced the winner, you receive your ISLAND MEDALLION! YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.

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