Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

In honor of the occasion I've designed a few holiday outfits...

Santa costume:

  • Get the elf costume for free from the store. Copy the hat and suit
  • If you want you can wear bangs
  • Classic lips
  • Use the phone from Nabooti island (see how to get that here) and dial 1225. Keep the hat if you want or use the elf hat, and keep the bag
  • Boys, you can use this too!
  • Girls, get the red fairy dress. You can get it from lightninggirl20's closet by friending her
  • Use classic wavy hair and earrings if you want
  • Put on the lights from the TANGLED IN LIGHTS costume
  • Boys, you can wear a red shirt and red pants instead of the dress. You can get a red shirt from Annie on Red Dragon Island or the king on Astro Knights. Get red pants anywhere.
Oh, and you'll also notice some snow on the blog - this will go away soon... 

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