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Nabooti Island Walkthrough

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Main Street
1. Enter the museum and talk to the lady next to the totem pole. She will give you a map of Africa.
2. Go left to the airplane and fly to Blue Nile Falls.

Blue Nile Falls
1. Go right and climb up the rocks. Talk to the person with a fox, chicken, and bag of grain. Help them get across everything safely without anything eating anything. This is the classic riddle.
2. Bring the chicken across to the other side. Go back and get the grain, and bring that to the other side. Take the chicken back and put it down. Take the fox to other side and leave it with the grain. Now go back and bring the chicken to the other side. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
3. The lady will tell you about a hidden cave covered by a bush. Jump far right and you should land on a rock with a plant covering it. If you don’t, just climb up again. Click on the bush and you will enter the cave. Jump from rock to rock without letting the things fall on top of you, so jump fast. You will find the purple jewel.
4. Now go left where the airplane is and climb up these rocks. Go to the top and you will find a blue Egyptian lily.
5. Fly back to Nabooti.

1. Talk to the lady at the trading stand that says she collects rare flowers. Trade the blue Egyptian lily for a turban.
2. Fly to Mountains of the Moon.

Mountains of the Moon
1. Climb up straight from where you land and talk to the lady who is collecting cactus figs, or opuntia fruit. Jump and get the opuntia fruit that she can’t reach.
2. Climb up the rocks while avoiding the goats. Climb up the slippery slopes until you get to the man standing in front of the cave. Beat him at Mancala and he will let you go into the cave.
3. Climb across to the right of the cave and get the red jewel. Then fall down and go left and get the cell phone. Then climb back up and exit the cave.
4. Put on your turban and fly to Giza.

1. Talk to the tomb raiders and one of them will give you a shovel.
2. Fly to Kaya Forests.

Kaya Forests
1. Set down the opuntia fruit and the tortoise will walk away from what it’s sitting on. Use the shovel to dig up the ebony elephant statue. Spirits will come and ask you to find their missing fingo.
2. Climb on top of the second hut, then jump up to the palm tree and get the gold nugget.
3. Fly back to Nabooti.

1. Exchange the gold nugget for a camera.
2. Exchange the ebony elephant statue for the fingo.
3. Fly back to Kaya Forests.

Kaya Forests
1. Return the fingo to the spirits and they will give you the green jewel.
2. Fly to Giza.

1. Use the cell phone to call the number on the shovel - 555-6789.
2. Run right and get the moonstone by clicking on the brown bag. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
3. Climb to the top of the pyramid and use the moonstone and it will open the door in the pyramid. Enter.
4. Walk right until there is a series of dashes on the wall. Click on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th dashes and the door will open. Go right (be sure to jump between each platform until you get to the end so you don’t fall to the bottom, where the scorpion is).
5. There are now 4 blocks on a platform. Your goal is to make the blocks look like the picture below the platform. (If you make a mistake pull the rope that says reset)
- Push block 4 off the edge and push it left until it’s about where the reset button is.
- Push block 1 off and push it next to block 4 (to the right of it)
- Push block 3 off and push it next to block 1 (to the right of it)
- Push block 2 off and push it under the ledge
- Go to the left of all the blocks and push them together so they line up (the order of the blocks is 4-1-3-2) with the picture under the platform. A door should open up.
6. Jump onto the ledge then to the opening. Go left.
7. Keep on going left until you see a room with ledges with pictures on them. Jump onto the block with a person, the boat and line, the bird and staff, and eye and boat IN THAT ORDER. If you mess up, you will fall. Go right and climb up the rope to try again.
8. Now there is a room with 4 mummies with dots on them - 1 dot, 2 dots, etc. Pull the switches on the mummies quickly in this order - 4, 2, 3, 1. If you mess up go left and pull the rope that says RESET above it. A coffin will open up. Climb up and get the blue jewel.
9. Exit by going back the way you came.
10. Fly to Safari.

1. Go right and talk to the man, who wants 7 good pictures of his animals. Your camera takes 8 pictures, so you have 1 room for mess-up. Find all the animals when they are fully out of their hiding spot and when the bird is in the nest. The animals you need to find are:
- Giraffe
- Zebra
- Bird
- Lion
- Alligator
- Elephant
- Gazelle
2. Talk to Zeke and he will give you a hard hat. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
3. Fly to Diamond Mines.

Diamond Mines
1. Put on your hard hat.
2. Go right over the mound and continue right. You will find a switch board. (Do the next part fast - the bottom left corner of your screen will show you how much time you have left) Click on the small circle with a switch, then quickly run up the mound again. Climb on the beam and go straight. Let yourself fall through the gap and go right. Climb on top of the barrel and enter the hole in the electric fence.
3. Go left where there are mine carts going down ramps. Avoid the mine carts and go in the opposite direction of them. When you get to where they are coming out, press “go down”.
4. There is a small switch with sparks coming out of it. Press the green button and it will turn off. Then go left to the barrel. Go to the left of the barrel and push it right until it hits a rock. Go back and press the green button on the switch and the rock will blow up. Repeat this with the rock further right (be sure to press the green button before you start). Now you can go right.
5. There is a small cart. Push it right until your character will automatically jump in. As soon as the cart starts moving, duck. When you get past the part where you would need to duck, keep on the lookout for a sign that says “JUMP!” Jump as soon as you see the sign. Then duck again, and repeat this until you get to the end of the track. If you fall, just try again. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
6. Go right and climb up the platforms going left until you get to the one with white jewels. Use the magnifying glass to find the white jewel with a symbol on it. It should be on the middle left side of the pile. You now have the white jewel.
7. Climb up the rope and go back to the plane.
8. Fly to Nabooti.

1. Go inside the museum and go down to the woman next to the statue. Talk to the woman, and she will give you clues about what order to put all the jewels in. To put in a jewel, click and hold, then drag up to the spot you want. The order of the jewels is (from bottom to top): Yellow, Orange, Blue, White, Red, Green, Purple.
2. The statue will fly away and you receive your ISLAND MEDALLION!

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