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Spy Island Walkthrough

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Main Street
1. Go inside the Headquarters building, top floor, and talk to Director D of the spy agency. Get the message decoder. Exit the building.
2. Go right to Balding Avenue.

Balding Avenue
1. Go inside the B.A.D. Bistro.
2. Go right and talk to the chef. Take his test (repeat the ingredients he taps)  and you will become a chef.
3. While you have your chef hat on, take the man’s glass with his fingerprint on it. Climb through the pipes in the kitchen and jump from light to light to escape with the glass. You can now take off your chef hat and you have a fingerprint from a B.A.D. agent. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
4. Go left to Main Street.

Main Street
1. Go into Spyglass Eyewear.
2. Go left and tell the man you want to take an eye test. Choose the opposite of what he points to to show him you are a trusted agent - if the E is pointing up, choose the one that is pointing down, etc. If you fail just take the eye test again.
3. Exit the store and climb up the building. Enter the door and talk to the agent. He will give you a chameleon suit. When you are standing still, you are completely invisible to your enemies. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
4. Exit the store and go left to the Dock.

1. Put on your chameleon suit and get past the guards. Climb up to the top until you reach the door. You have to stop every few feet so that you are invisible. If a guard walks by you, stand still and keep on going when he gets out of eyesight. When you get to the top, enter the door.
2. Get past the dogs using the same method as the guards. However, there is only one dog per floor, so once you get to the other side of the dog you can run down to the next floor. However, if a dog bumps into you while you are moving, you will be bumped up to the floor above you and have to do that floor again.
3. When you get down far enough, there will be guards instead of dogs again. Climb the platforms and go left until you reach a small room. Go through the roof and untie the agent there. He will give you a laser pen and satellite clue.
4. Go right to Main Street, then Balding Avenue.

Balding Avenue
1. Talk to the man in camouflage (there are two men, talk to the second one to the right) and he will give you File X. On a wall to the right, it says to read File X up-and-down. If you read it, it says “DONT TRUST DIRECTOR D”.
2. Go right to Toupee Terrace.

Toupee Terrace
1. Climb the building with the electric shock fields (this takes careful timing) until you reach the attic. (Go up, left, up, right, and up)
2. Cut through the bars with your laser pen. Untie the second spy and he will give you the grappling bowtie and the 2nd satellite clue. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
3. Go left to Balding Avenue.

Balding Avenue
1. Put on your bowtie. You can grapple by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, then clicking where you want to go. It will send up a string, and if it holds, you can jump and it will shoot you up to that spot. Climb up the red building, then grapple right to the brown building. Grapple up the windows until you get to a sign that says Rooftops with an arrow pointing up. Go up.
2. Put on your chameleon suit, then grapple left to a tall building with a guard. Grapple left again.
3. There is another spy on the roof of this building, who tells you to grapple right. Grapple right above you and you will be on a roof that leads to a greenhouse. Enter the greenhouse.

1. The third spy locked up is above you, so first go up there to make sure you know how to. The plants try to bite you, so try to stay out of their range. Go right, then go on top of the step. Go on top of a green plant to the very right of the step, and you will get bounced into the air. Go right and you will land on a platform. Use your bowtie to grapple left, to where the spy is in a cage. Now you can jump down.
2. Go right (not on the step) to the Cherry Bomb Tree. These cherries blow up in about 40 seconds, so you have to get it up to the cage and blow up the cage quickly before it explodes.
3. Click on the cherry bomb and it will fall. Push it right to the green plant that is identical to the one you jumped up on earlier. It will spring up to the platform. Go up on the step and use the “trampoline plant” to get up to where the cherry bomb landed.
4. Get on the right side of the cherry, and push it left hard. It will land on the step. Go down and push it onto this trampoline plant. It will go up to the right of where the cage is, so you have to get up there and reposition it quickly before it explodes.
5. Now is the hard part. Use the trampoline plant to get up onto the platform, then grapple to where the cage is. Jump to the right of the cherry bomb plant while avoiding the biting plant. Push the cherry bomb left about in front of the cage door and wait for it to explode.
6. When the cage explodes, the spy will come out and give you ultravision goggles (you can see invisible lasers with them) and the 3rd satellite clue.
7. Exit the greenhouse the way you came and jump down from the buildings.
8. Go right to Toupee Terrace, then go right even more to the B.A.D Control Center, which is a hole in the fence.

B.A.D. Control Center
1. Put on your ultravision goggles and make your way through the lasers. Climb up the right side of the building and then move up and left until you can enter the hideout. The lasers will knock you down a lot, but not harm you.
2. Use the fingerprint on the glass to enter the lair's electronic security.
3. Climb up and click on the key pad. It turns on the security system, but Director D has somehow gotten in the lair as well, and he will let you out.
4. Now use the 3 security codes (from the satellite clues the agents gave you) to type in the password. Line up all 3 documents and you will see the 3 passwords are LASER HAIR REMOVAL. Enter one password at a time, and a yellow door-type thing will open up. Director D will go in there, so follow him.
5. It turns out that Director D is a bad guy, like it says in File X. He sends bots at you. The bots spark you. To disable the bots, find a thing with a yellow ball in it. The bot will follow you and plugging itself into will disable it. There are 4 bots, so find all 4 things with a yellow ball - there are two at the top of the room and two at the bottom. You can also use your bowtie to help you.
6. When all his bots are destroyed, the evil director will begin zapping you with his flying control room. Use the bowtie to grapple to the ceiling. Hang on there until he flies up with his machine. When he tries to get you, his machine will CRUNCH into the ceiling. Fall back down and repeat this until his machine breaks.
7. You will end up back in the Headquarters.

1. You are the new director, and Director D (who probably wouldn’t be called that anymore) is locked up. You receive your ISLAND MEDALLION! YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.

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