Monday, July 9, 2012

Spy Island

This is the 6th island that came out on Poptropica, and it is pretty easy with some fairly hard parts. For this normal people would be wearing a casual costume, but because I was a spy I decided to go with all black and sunglasses, while still looking good. The boy version is similar but with a suit.

Here's how I got all the parts...

Girl version
  • Complete the first part of Reality TV island so that the helicopter is waiting for you. Get the sunglasses from the guy in the suit waiting for you.
  • Get the lipstick from the biker girl in the store
  • Get the hair and freckles from the girl on Cryptids island
  • Get the dress from the woman in the B.A.D. Bistro (go right from Main Street) on Spy island
Boy version
  • Get everything except the hair and smile from the man on Reality TV island, or you can find various agents wearing suits and sunglasses on Spy island
  • Find casual hair and whatever mouth you want
You can find the walkthrough for Spy island on a separate post.

Note that your sunglasses will come off when you wear different things, so if you want to keep them on you will have to put them back on repeatedly. 

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