Thursday, July 5, 2012

Super Power Island Walkthrough


Main Street
1. Go into the Comic Shop and get The Superhero’s Handbook by talking to the guy there.
2. Go into the Masks and Capes shop and talk to the person there. He will give you an Official Superhero ID Card.
3. Go right in the store and put on the superhero costumes you like (this is optional)
4. Go left by swimming across the water to the Prison.

1. Talk to the people at the Prison and they will give you the Villain’s Files and Anti-Power Handcuffs.
2. Go right to the bank, where Copycat is.

You can do the following in any order except for Betty Jetty on Main Street, which must be last.

1. Talk to Copycat, and she will make 10 copies of herself, and you have to find all of them before time runs out. There are 5 downstairs, then take the elevator to find the 5 upstairs. When you get all of them, the handcuffs will automatically capture her. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
2. Go right to the Subway.

1. Go down into the Subway, where you’ll find Speeding Spike. Stand on the left of him, and he’ll try to knock you down. Jump and he will go past you to the left. Continue making him go to the left until he gets red-faced. When you jump, he will fall down, and you can put the handcuffs on him by clicking on him. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
2. Go right to the City Park.

City Park
1. Get a hot dog from the vendor.
2. Sir Rebral is aiming rocks at you whenever you get close to him. Jump quickly onto the rocks, bench, then the statue he is standing on so the rocks hit him instead of you and he gets angry. Now parts of the ground jump up.
3. Push the rock near the restroom where the ground is jumping up near him. The rock will hit him and knock him out. Now you can put the handcuffs on him.
4. Go right into the Restroom.

1. Go down into the Sewer.
2. Go left and turn the red knob, which makes the water level lower.
3. Go right and turn the 2nd red knob, which makes the water level higher.
4. Go left and enter through the door.
5. Jump up to the right while avoiding the rats and turn the red knob, which drops some sludge on Ratman. Now he will send a swarm of bees at you. Avoid the bees and climb up to Ratman, and you can put handcuffs on him.
6. Go right to the Junkyard.

1. Crusher is throwing barrels at you. Go right, climb up the boxes and cans, and go left up to the crane without getting knocked down.
2. Click the switch on the crane, and the fridge falls on Crusher.
3. As he continues to throw things at you, take the same route you did before and turn the switch again - this time it gets the metal plate that Crusher is standing on, and he gets knocked out. Now go down and handcuff him. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
4. Go back left to Main Street.

Main Street
1. The telephone is ringing. Answer it, and you will get flying powers!
2. Fly to the top of the skyscraper, where Betty Jetty is. Chase after her while avoiding the balls she throws at you. If you get hit 5 times, you have to retry. After a while, you will be able to predict the patterns of the balls. If you manage to get close to her after about 6 rounds of balls, she will get knocked from the sky. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
3. However, Betty Jetty isn’t defeated yet! Luckily, Ned Noodlehead saves the day, and he gets YOUR island medallion.
4. Give Ned Noodlehead the hot dog you got (find him in his comic shop) and he will give you the ISLAND MEDALLION! YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.

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