Thursday, July 5, 2012

Super Power Island

This is the 5th island that came out on Poptropica, and it's fairly hard. This is the costume I wore on this island that didn't really make me fit in but made me look like a superhero:

Girl version:
  • Classic lips
  • Masks & Capes shop - on Main St of Super Power Island
  • Classic hair
  • Classic white skirt
  • Prom queen top
Boy version:
  • Get everything from the Masks and Capes shop 
Basically, just mix and match anything casual that goes together with some stuff from the Masks & Capes store, that goes with different colors, etc -- add a cape and you look like a superhero! There are tons of different options with skirts, pants, belts, casual tops, along with masks and capes! I would recommend mixing casual rather than just taking everything from the Masks & Capes shop though.

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