Wednesday, July 4, 2012

24 Carrot Island Walkthough


Main Street
1. Talk to the mayor, who is crying because the town is falling apart because all of their carrots have disappeared.
2. Go left to the Carrot Farm.

Carrot Farm
1. Enter the old house by going through the chimney.
2. Go right and get the bowl next to the couch.

3. Exit through the fireplace and head right back to Main Street.

Main Street
1. Go into the Carrot King Diner.
2. Ask the waitress to fill the bowl up with milk, then exit.
3. Go back left to the Carrot Farm.

Carrot Farm
1. Re-enter the old house.
2. Put the bowl of milk back where you found it.
3. Climb upstairs and turn the handles so the water turns on in the bathtub. A cat will jump out. Chase the cat and don’t let the cat pass you until it gets to the bowl of milk, where it will drink it, MEOW, and then follow you.
4. Go right back to Main Street.

Main Street
1. Go right to Charlie’s Carrot Surplus, where the clerk will be happy she got her cat back. She will give you a crowbar. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
2. Go right to the Carrot Factory.

Carrot Factory
1. Climb the buildings until you get to the boarded window, where you pick up blueprints.
2. Climb down into the icky water to the right of the building and use the crowbar to get inside of the pipe.
3. Walk to the left until you find the carrot transporter. This takes you to the outside of the factory. You can use this if you want to exit the island.

Entering the factory
1. Climb up and get past the moving floor sections. The trick is to wait until the first two sections are up, then run past them, then stop in the middle. Then do the same thing for the next two sections.
2. Dodge the rat by taking the “long cut” above you, then go up to the main factory room.

Main factory room
1. To turn on the power, move the middle switch all the way down and other two switches in the middle. The lights should turn on.
2. Go right and climb up the crates and barrels until you land on a platform. Jump on the giant claw that is moving. Once it goes to the farthest right, jump off onto the platform.
3. Enter the vent, where you enter the vent system. The blueprint will tell you where you are.

Vent system
1. Head towards the Processing Room using the air flows and avoiding some open spaces.
2. On your way to the Processing Room, you will pick up some wire cutters.

Processing Room
1. When you enter the room, a robot guard will transport you to the Freezer Room.

Freezer Room
1. Click on the security box. Cut all the wires with the wire cutters.
2. Climb up the boxes, then exit through the open vent.

Vent System
1. Go to the Printer Room.

Printer Room
1. Talk to one of the workers with rabbot ears by distracting him and pressing the power button on his ears. Pick up the piece of paper she shows you that prints out. It says, “System Password: fuzzybunny”
2. Leave through the vent.

Vent System
1. Go to the Processing Room.

Processing Room
1. The rabbot guard will not appear, because you disabled the security system.
2. Release all of the workers there from mind control the same way you did with the worker in the Printer Room.
3. Go to the big metal doors on the right that say EXIT. Because you don’t have rabbot ears, it drops you through a trap door into a room with giant smashing machines.
4. Make your way across the belt without getting smashed. Climb until you find a pair of rabbot ears. Put them on, the exit. You will be back in the Processing Room again. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
5. Go through the EXIT door - make sure you are wearing your rabbot ears!
6. Dr. Hare will be waiting for you, and he assumes you are under mind control. He orders you to launch the GIANT SPACE RABBOT.
7. Climb up the rabbot and go to the right platform, where there is a computer. Type in the password - fuzzybunny, and the command - launch rabbot.
8. Use the joystick to crash the rabbot into all obstacles, until it blows up. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
9. Follow the released slave up the rope until you’re on Main Street.

Main Street
1. Talk to the mayor, and he’ll give you the ISLAND MEDALLION! YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.

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