Wednesday, July 4, 2012

24 Carrot Island

This is the 4th island that came out on Poptropica, and it is pretty easy, but includes a lot of running back and forth. Once again, like most of the first few islands on Poptropica, I used a casual costume that I've already posted that I used in previous islands. Here it is again:

Once again, this is how I got all the parts of the costume:
  • I got the freckles and lipstick from the Biker in the store. 
  • I got the braid from the surfer girl in the store. 
  • I got the white undershirt, white skirt, and blue tank top from the girl to the right of the blimp near the benches in Counterfeit island. 
  • I got the green belt from the Pop Star in the store. 


  1. how did you get a blog?!

  2. There are several sites that make blogs... If you have a Gmail account, go to and you can make a blog. You can also make a blog through Wordpress and other blogging sites.