Monday, December 24, 2012

Poptropolis Games

This island is fairly easy as long as you know the tricks for the games. Here, you can wear the jersey they give you (girls with a ponytail), but if you don't like your jersey colors, there is another option I like better:

Girl version:

  • You can wear any classic hair and lips you want. You can wear freckles, ponytail, bangs, wavy hair, etc. I wouldn't recommend wearing any bangs with earrings. I also used the Biker lips, which are my classic lips, but you can use paler lips from Surfer or any other lips you find.
  • Go on to Poptropolis and copy the old "metal" skirt, belt, and tank top thing from one of the people - whatever style you want. 
Boy version:
  • Use a classic hair and smile.
  • Same as for the girl, copy the metal top from someone on Poptropolis, and for the pants, use any tan pants that match. I got these from Thomas Edison standing at the platform on Mystery Train island. 

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