Friday, August 10, 2012

Wimpy Boardwalk Walkthrough

Although this island does not have street names, I will call the sections what they are called on the map - from left to right - Boardwalk Rides, Boardwalk Games, Boardwalk Arcade, and the Beach.

Boardwalk Games
1. Go right and Greg will begin talking to you. Watch his $20 bill fly away and the teenagers take it.
2. Go left to Boardwalk Rides.

Boardwalk Rides
1. Climb on to Cranium Shaker and pick up the trash can lid. Go left and put it on the trash can, where there are bees that try to sting you whenever you get near it. 
2. Push the trash can right until you get to the cotton candy booth. Click on the lid and it will come off, and the bees will go to the cotton candy.
3. Click on the trash can and drag the items away until you get to the bottom, where you find an empty popcorn bag.
4. Go to the popcorn booth and click "free refills", and your empty bag will become filled with popcorn.
5. Go into the Funhouse.

1. Enter and check to the left of you and on top of the slide for tokens. 
2. Exit and re-enter multiple times until tokens don't appear very much any more. Try to get 5 - 10 tokens, but you will get more tokens later.
3. Exit the Funhouse and go all the way right to the Beach.

1. Talk to the photo guy and he will give you free sunblock
2. Go right and talk to the man who has tanning lotion and looks sunburned. Give him the sunblock and he will give you the tanning lotion.
3. Stand where the woman is sitting on a beach blanket with an umbrella. Click DUMP on the popcorn to dump it. The birds come, eat up the popcorn, and chase the woman away.
4. Go left to the Boardwalk Arcade.

Boardwalk Arcade
1. You will see the teenagers under the boardwalk with the $20 bill, which you cannot get. 
2. Go back right to the beach.

1. You will see a seagull flying around with something. Stand on the trash can and jump when the seagull comes by and you will get the souvenir keychain.
2. Give the keychain to the man in the picture (he is walking around with a metal detector) and he will give you the metal detector.
3. Go by the blanket and umbrella where you scared the woman away and use the metal detector. The metal detector is red when there isn't any metal around, and it blinks when there is metal nearby. Search around that area (make sure it is still blinking), and when it turns green, click on the circle and you will get that piece of metal.
4. Start on the blanket, where you find car keys. Then keep on searching everywhere, where you can find tokens. Depending on how many tokens you got in the Funhouse, get enough so you have 10 - 15 tokens.
5. Go far left to Boardwalk Rides.

Boardwalk Rides
1. Go left to the parking lot, where a woman has lost her car keys. Give her the car keys you found with the metal detector, and she will give you flip flops. You can put them on if you want, but whenever you go left or right they come off.
2. Go right to the Boardwalk Arcade.

Boardwalk Arcade
1. There is a kid crying because he lost his flying disk, which is on the roof, which looks really hot. Put on your flip flops and you on the roof to get the flying disk.
2. Give it back to him, and he will tell you that you can get a free game with the claw if you jiggle the handle. 
3. Click on the claw and you will start playing it. Jiggle the handle and the claw will start moving. Get the 3 items in the middle and they will drop (move the handle in the direction you want it to go, then press the red button for it to go down), and you see some fake vomit. Go down in that area and you will get it.
4. Go left to Boardwalk Rides, where you enter the Funhouse.

1. Climb up the slide, where you can see Rowley is stuck. 
2. Use the oily suntan lotion, and he slides down the slide, uncovering Fregley.
3. As a thank-you, Fregley's mom gives you Fregley's leftover fish sticks.
4. Go right to Boardwalk Games.

This part and the part after it may be switched (Rowley getting stuck in the Fun House slide and bumper cars)

Boardwalk Games
1. There is a long line at the Bumper Cars. Use your fake vomit and all of the people go away and you can start playing.
2. Try to bump into Rowley (he has a red bumper car), and after you bump into him a few times, he drops his Lucky Rabbit Foot. Run over it to get it. Then you can exit Bumper Cars. If you don't get it on your 1st try, just try again.
3. Go slightly right. Now you have to play all the Boardwalk Games, which you can do in any order. If you run out of tokens, just go to the Beach or Funhouse to get more.
- Himalayan Hurl
Click anywhere and you will win because you have the lucky rabbit foot.
- Fastball Fury
Throw by clicking the mitt when your pitch is around in the middle, slightly fast. Do all of your pitches about the same, so when you guess, you should know about which number it is.
- Circus Soaker
Aim your water into the mouth of the middle clown. You will see the balloon get bigger until it explodes. The trick is to move the water flow just before the mouth moves.
-  Space Fling
Click and drag to throw the rings so they land on the poles. This takes a little practice.
- Pirate Panic
Click and drag the ball to knock over the pins. You have 3 balls, so as long as you get one pin per ball, you're good.
4. Now that you have won all the games, you get the jumbo prize, a large plush caterpillar.
5. Go right to Boardwalk Rides.

Boardwalk Rides
1. Talk to the boy flying the remote-control helicopter, and he will trade you his helicopter for the jumbo prize.
2. Go all the way right to the Beach.

1. Put the fish stick on the remote-control helicopter by "using" it. 
2. Hover the helicopter above the crab moving in and out of the water, and he will eat the fish stick and get attached to the helicopter.
3. Put away the helicopter and go left to Boardwalk Arcade.

Boardwalk Arcade
1. Use the helicopter with the crab, and dangle the crab over the money when it is sticking up. The crab will grab onto the bill and won't let go. The teenagers won't be able to get the money.
2. Let go of the helicopter. Click on the crab, and you will get the bill, which Greg gets.
3. You now go under the boardwalk with Greg to chase down the teenagers. You now get your ISLAND MEDALLION!


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