Friday, August 10, 2012

Reality TV Island Walkthrough


Main Street
1. Go into the Supermarket.

1. Go right. 
2. Click on the man reading a magazine and he runs away, dropping the magazine. Pick it up.
3. Examine the magazine and click on the entry form for Reality TV, and it will become a separate item. Note that the phone number for pizza is 555-PETE.
4. Exit and go into the TV store (also on Main Street).

TV Store
1. Climb up to the top TV and click on the buttons to change the channel.
2. When you get to the ad about Reality TV, watch it until you see the address to send the entry forms to. This will now appear on your entry form once you get the pen.
3. Exit and go left to the motel.

1. Go into the office.
2. Click on the cup of pens to get a pen. You can now fill out your entry form. 
3. Click on the entry form and you can type in any reason you want for why you want to be on Reality TV.
4. Click on the phone and dial 555-PETE. Order to send the pizza to Room 4B.
5. Go outside.
6. The pizza woman forgot which room the pizza was supposed to go to. Take the pizza from her and she leaves.
7. Deliver the pizza to Room 4B, where Bucky Lucas (TV Star) is. Go right and talk to him, and he will give you a postage stamp. "Use" the postage stamp and it will appear on your entry form.
8. Exit and go right as far as you can go.

1. Stand in front of the blue mailbox and mail your entry form. Soon you get the news that you are onto the show! Climb up the roof of the motel and stand in the helicopter to start the show.

The Show 
1. The characters are from different islands around Poptropica and are made-up characters. The characters you might see are...
  • Betty Brownie
  • Betty Jetty (Super Power Island)
  • Bret Batter
  • Black Widow (Counterfeit Island)
  • Busy Bob
  • Cathy Codex
  • Chef Jeff
  • Director D (Spy Island)
  • Dr. Hare (24 Carrot island)
  • Freddy Fry
  • Grandma Gracey
  • Grandpa Glum
  • Helen Hiker
  • Hip Hop
  • Hippie Harry
  • Lassie Lasso
  • Magic Mervin
  • Merry Muse
  • Ned Noodlehead (Super Power Island)
  • Richie Rebel
  • Rickie Rock
  • Sally Score
  • Sarah Snooty
  • Sickly Skull
  • Slim Slam
2. There are different games to play that you have to beat to beat the island. It is ok to lose some games, but especially towards the end, you will need to win to beat the island. If you don't win, there is always a possibility of getting voted off.
3. The games (you don't play all of them each time you complete the island) and some tips for them are...
- Balanced Diet
You are trying to keep a pole steady as fruit goes on it. Move your cursor in the OPPOSITE direction of the dot in the circle.
- Boulder Push
Click as fast as you can to push the boulder across the finish line. Just make sure to start right away or you will get behind. 
- Coconut Grab
Jump around to try to get the brown balls, but avoid the black ones, which are bombs. Mainly focus on clusters of 2 or 3.
- Geyser Guess
This is just luck. The same geyser CAN erupt twice in a row!
- Mountain Race
You can have an advantage if you are in the middle because you can see the rocks coming towards you. Try to stay ahead of people but not go ahead blindly. Duck and jump as you go.
- On the Line
Click to drop your line. If you see a fish that would be where the line was if it came up, click for the line to come up. If it comes all the way to the bottom, just hope it catches something on the way up. Try to get more shallow catches as they save time.
- Pole Climb
Click left or right to avoid coconuts. Try to stay in the middle so you have more options about where to climb. Before you click to avoid a coconut falling on you, make sure the place you're going won't have a coconut falling on you either! It's best to move to places where a coconut just fell.
- Shot Put
Aim at a 45-degree angle, and try to throw when the power is at its highest.
- Shuffleboard
Go long for the first shot, and after that, don't shoot too hard. Aim towards the edge to bounce around your opponents.
- Turtle Shell Toss
Aim at a 45-degree angle to get 20's every time, and you should win.
- Totem Pole
Click on totem poles that have another one under them, so if your one falls, you will fall onto the one under you. If the one under you falls, switch to another totem pole that has one under it.
- Water Run
Climb above the platforms to avoid the boar, and watch out while you aren't on the platform. You know your water if filled up if you can see it overflowing. Climb over the platforms again to put your water in, and try not to spill. It takes about 4 times to get your water thing filled up.
- Hang Gliding
Fly across the sky and avoid erupting volcanoes and birds. Try to stay in the top left corner of the screen.
- Knockout
Aim for the plates with the least damage.

4. The first time you vote people off, you can vote anybody off. After that, you will notice specific people/person that votes you off every time. Try to vote that person off. 
5. If you are the last person who doesn't get voted off, you receive the ISLAND MEDALLION!


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