Monday, August 13, 2012

Reality TV

For this island, you can virtually wear anything. I recommend a casual costume for this, or something that goes with the seasons - Halloween clothes, etc. Just be sure you like your head because you will be seeing it a lot when voting. You also might find something you like from the other characters you are playing against. Here are some simple casual costumes for boy and girl that don't limit your movement, stick out, or anything like that:

You can use any other casual costumes - I have posted lots of different ones. Here's how I got them:

Girl version:

  • The tank top, undershirt, and skirt from the girl to the right of the blimp (Main Street) on Counterfeit island
  • The green belt from the Pop Star costume
  • The braid from the Surfer costume
  • The lipstick and freckles from the Biker costume
Boy version:
  • Classic smile
  • Complete Red Dragon until you find Jack and use his hair
  • Use Annie's shirt and pants

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