Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wimpy Boardwalk!

Wimpy Boardwalk island came out yesterday, July 18th at 2pm EST! Here are some good costumes to wear while doing it.

Boy version:

  • You can use the Surfer costume in the store
  • OR Use a casual costume and add sunglasses. In this case I used Annie's shirt, but anything casual would work. Just choose a color of sunglasses that goes with it.
Girl version:
  • I combined two colors of the Surfer costume
  • OR you could use a casual shirt with a white skirt (no leggings), casual hair, and sunglasses. I don't know where to find the shirt, so if you FRIEND this account, you can customize the shirt by clicking on the friend then clicking on the shirt on the right. This shirt will not change because I will not use this account and change the costume. The account username is getthistopnow

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