Monday, August 13, 2012

Mystery Train Island

For this island, you want to dress old-fashioned. For the girls, that means huge dresses. However, this island is mainly talking to people, so in this case, it's ok. IN THE CASE WHERE YOU PRETEND TO BE THE PORTER, just put on the hat, which you can take off later, so you don't mess up/lose your costume. Here are the costumes I copied from the people on the island BEFORE I boarded the train...

Here's how I got them:

Girl version:

  • Any hair would work, but I used the wavy hair and earrings from the girl on Shrink Ray Island (go right and she is standing in front of the houses)
  • I used my classic lipstick from the Biker in the store
  • I copied the scarf and dress from the woman standing on the island before you board the train (any dress you find around you like would work)
Boy version:
  • I copied Thomas Edison's style, but any non-modern suit (the black one) would work - there are a few other around
  • Classic mouth and hair
UPDATE: I came up with this new costume for girls that could work for this island, get it here!

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