Monday, August 13, 2012

Mystery Train Island Walkthrough


Beginning the Train Trip
1. Go to the train and locate Thomas Edison (the man in the brown suit). Help him get a heavy trunk aboard by arranging five luggage items to form a ramp going upwards. Click the board when finished, and get a ticket from Edison to ride the train.
2. Board the train and talk to all of the people aboard. There are at least 9 cars besides the locomotive and coal car. The suspects will include 7 passengers, 2 reporters, a coal man, and a porter. Collect items and objects.
3. Click any person to hear their comment on any clues currently visible. Watch for a small magnifying glass for one visible clue.

The Theft from Edison
1. When you go to Edison's cabin, he shows you his Motion Capture Device (Kinetoscope). As he is out of the room, the train enters a dark tunnel and the device is stolen. Find the clues that will reveal the thief.
2. The NY Times reporter suggests Mark Twain is hiding something.
3. In Twain's cabin, find the secret hiding place, but it is just a manuscript.
4. The train makes an unscheduled stop, and spilled prune juice is found outside Edison's cabin. In the Dining Car, Susan B. Anthony is suspicious of Nikola Tesla, who will not open his cabin.
5. The porter tries to hide the drink orders, but you can use the pencil on the Notepad to find that Tesla was indeed the one who ordered prune juice.
6. Checking luggage labeled as Tesla's in the baggage car, you have a pair of scissors thrown at you. Confront the coal man and then check his alibi with the porter.
7. Back in the baggage car, the French woman reporter Mlle. Moreau suggests that you pose as the porter. Get the extra uniform and wear it to fool Tesla and enter his cabin. (you just need the hat)
8. Pour him prune juice from the pitcher until he leaves for the toilet. Find the Luggage Key (aggravatingly, you can find it anywhere, but not until the last second).
9. In the baggage car, open the luggage to find the Motion device. Tesla is then chained up in the Coal Car.
10. Return the device to Edison, only to find an image that exonerates Tesla. To get past the guard, climb onto the train roof through the hatch in the baggage car. (You may want to check his cabin first to see an empty suitcase.)
11. Duck the tunnels and jump the mailbags to reach the coal car.
12. Give Tesla the pencil to draw his cabin sketch. Either go back there or just circle the suitcase as the changed item in the room. Tesla worries about the contents.

The Theft from Tesla
1. The passenger Erik Weisz suggests a lock pick was used on the suitcase. But you soon learn (from the New York Times reporter) that Weisz is actually famous magician Harry Houdini.
2. Find a set of lockpicks in Weisz's room, then chase him to the train roof and rearward to the Freight Car. When he falls in, cut the rope with the scissors to reveal a Houdini water-escape tank. Use the set of lockpicks to open the 4 locks and free him. (As you line up the pins, click to let go of the current pick.) He claims one of his picks was stolen and used by the thief.
3. Return to Tesla via the baggage car and train roof, and unlock his chains. Get his sketch of his stolen Transformer. You can show it to Mark Twain for a prompt.
4. Go to the rear of the train and slip past the sleeping Pinkerton agent and his ridiculously complex alarm system. You will meet President Grover Cleveland, who explains how the clues fit together.
5. Go to the baggage car again and open the luggage again. The contents suggest a French person swapped the tag for Tesla's. Although Moreau would deny it, Gustav Eiffel says the handkerchief is a woman's, revealing the true culprit just as you arrive in Chicago.

The Chase at the Fair
1. Chase Moreau through the Fair, jumping onto the tame lion and awnings, then across the totem poles and street lights, and finally the Ferris Wheel.
2. Climb up the left cars, then swing right on the red-marked rope. Climb up, then swing left from the second red-marked rope to save the Transformer when Moreau drops it. Climb to capture her, but she falls.
3. She lands in Houdini's water tank. Give the Transformer to Ferris and President Cleveland gives you the ISLAND MEDALLION!

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