Monday, August 13, 2012

Wild West Island

This island is fairly easy with a few challenges, but takes some time. Here are some costumes that help you fit in and make you look like the Marshal, while not being too constraining (costumes that are so big/bulky that it slows down your movement). ESPECIALLY because you will be riding a horse most of the time!

For the girl version you will need to get it as soon as you start the island, because that character goes away! Here's how I got the costumes:

Boy version:

  • You can find any man with a cowboy hat, button-down shirt, etc. Just pick one you like, and the Sheriff's star goes on it and looks good.
  • OR you can find your own hat, button-down shirt, bottom, belt, and stuff, or replace any of those to combine with a character if you have one you like better. There is a good button-down shirt you can get when you first make an account (click through the shirts until you find that one). If you already have the account and you aren't just starting, you can make another account, find the shirt, friend your "real" account, then never use that account again. Then in friends you can find the shirt that your "friend" is wearing.
Girl version:
  • When you first enter the island, copy the shirt, pants, belt, and messenger bag from the girl riding on the horse. SHE WILL GO AWAY, so do it before she does!
  • You can use any nice hair, but I used the hair from the girl to the left of the blimp (Main Street) on Cryptids island. 
  • I used the lipstick from the Biker in the store. As you know, you can use any lipstick, but this is my "classic" lipstick
  • You get the star from completing the 1st part of the island

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