Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Old-Fashioned Outfit (Mystery Train?)

I came up with this cute outfit, which is sort of old-fashioned, but cute. If you want, I guess you could use this for Mystery Train, or if you changed your hair to white or gray, it could be like an old lady or Mrs. Claus.
So here's how to get it:
  • Use Southern Belle dress (any color you want, or red for Mrs. Claus)
  • Get classic lips (Biker, Surfer, or Fairy Queen)
  • Use a bun, whatever color goes with the dress from Fairy Queen
  • Use slight curl bangs or bang-over-eye from Prom Queen
  • To dye your hair white, go to 24 Carrot and enter the Carrot King Diner - drink the mixture you want for your hair. Or, do Ctrl+Shift+H until you get the color you want.
Enjoy! I know I haven't been posting boy costumes but there really aren't that many combos... So if you come up with something let me know!

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