Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shark Tooth Island

This is the 2nd island that came out on Poptropica. I used one of my casual costumes and slightly modified it so I was wearing the grass skirt, which makes you fit in on this island and you need to wear it to complete the island. For the boy version, I copied the person giving out shark fins.


Girl version
  • The braid from the surfer girl in the store
  • The white undershirt and blue tank top from the girl on Counterfeit island near the benches, just to the right of the blimp
  • The lipstick from the Biker in the store
  • The grass skirt from one of the vendors on Shark Tooth island
Boy version
  • Go to Main Street on Shark Tooth island and customize the vendor giving out shark fins
You can see the walkthrough in a separate post.

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