Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Early Poptropica Walkthrough


Main Street
1. Talk to the people and you'll find out that something is going wrong in Early Poptropica. 
2. Go right to Early Poptropica.

Early Poptropica
1. Talk to the pixelated people to find 3 important objects are missing - a pigbucket, and signal flag.
2. Go down the well. Work your way across the balance beams until you find the glow stick in the top left corner. 
3. Go back left to Main Street.

Main Street
1. Go down the first "manhole" and avoid the spiders. Go down to the bottom of the pit and get the pig
2. Go down the corridor to the left, where your glow stick will automatically turn on. Work your way through the maze until you find the golden egg. The messages on the wall should help. Go back the way you came, so you end up on Main Street. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.

Main Street
1. Go left to Poptropica Towers.

Poptropica Towers
1. Bounce on the laundry lines and climb the window sills to get to the far left building, where there is a restaurant. Climb up the vine. 

The Clouds
1. Give the giant the golden egg and he will let you pass. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
2. Go right and find the water bucket in the garden.
3. Continue right and get the jet pack. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
4. Put on your jet pack, and fly back left to the garden. Exit through the hole in the clouds. 
5. You should land on top of the water tower, so walk a bit and get the signal flag. If you don't land on the water tower, just use your jet pack to fly up to the top of the water tower to get it. 
6. Go right to Early Poptropica.

Early Poptropica
1. Return the items you found to the members of Early Poptropica. YOU GET A TWO PHOTOS HERE.
2. Once the flag is hoisted, a ship will come in. Talk to the person on the ship to get your ISLAND MEDALLION!

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