Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shark Tooth Island Walkthrough


Main Street
1. Get the carbonated coconut milk from the Coconut Cafe vendor. 
2. You can also get a shark fin, but it isn't necessary.
3. Go right past the Ancient Ruins to Booga Bay.

Booga Bay
1. Get a grass skirt from the vendor at the cart. 
2. Go back left to the Ancient Ruins.

Ancient Ruins
1. Be sure to put on your grass skirt.
2. Push the stone to the right so you can get to the hanging vine.
3. Climb the hanging vines and platforms up to the top while avoiding the falling coconuts. 
4. At the top, talk to the Medicine Man, who tells you about a potion to calm the shark. Now you need to find all the ingredients. 
5. Enter the ruins (the big stone shark). 
6. Make your way through the water and passages to the left. When you reach a closed door, click on the keypad. 
7. Push the 3RD, 4TH, 6TH, and 7TH symbols from left to right, then press the triangle "nose" in the middle. The door will open. Go left.
8. Get past the giant worm climbing the statue (time your jump so you jump over while he is not there). It is easiest to jump on the fin of the shark, the ear, the nose, then jump onto the moving platform.
9. Purposely fall while down where the spikes are and go down the small opening in the ground to get the creature bone. Then go right again and get past the giant worm again. Continue left. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
10. Go left to the 4th chamber, where you find the key ingredient. You now have all of the ingredients. 
11. Climb up the vine. You should arrive at the entrance to the Ancient Ruins. 

Ancient Ruins
1. Climb up the vines and platforms again to give the Medicine Man the ingredients you found. He will give you a calming potion in a coconut. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.
2. Go left to Booga Bay.

Booga Bay
1. Use the Coconut Cannon to feed the shark the sleeping potion. 
2. Swim past the shark and find the boy and the professor. YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.

Castaway Island
1. Lead the boy and Professor Hammerhead back to Booga Bay, where the boy's mom is very happy. Professor Hammerhead will give you the ISLAND MEDALLION! YOU GET A PHOTO HERE.

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