Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Time Tangled Island

This is the 3rd island that came out on Poptropica. Because you are traveling to different time periods, it is hard to fit in all of the times without changing a lot. Therefore, you can use an all-purpose, casual costume like this one:

I used this costume on Shark Tooth Island, except with a grass skirt. Here is how I got all of the parts of the costume...
  • I got the freckles and lipstick from the Biker in the store.
  • I got the braid from the surfer girl in the store.
  • I got the white undershirt, white skirt, and blue tank top from the girl to the right of the blimp near the benches in Counterfeit island.
  • I got the green belt from the Pop Star in the store.
You can see the walkthrough in a different post.

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