Thursday, July 14, 2016

Timmy Failure Costume

When I first arrived on this island, the first thing that hit me was the cartoonish-ness of it. Of course, like all cartoon islands, this means you can dress casually however you want, but my first instinct was to wear this dress:

Doesn't it look cartoon-ish? Again, refer to my many pages of casual outfits by scrolling through this blog, or checking out the Other Costumes page; I particularly enjoy the "Workout/Casual Summer Outfit" at the very bottom, but with wavy hair. Anyways. To get this outfit:

  • The dress is from an old ad, which you can't access anymore. However! You can get it from lightninggirl20's closet. Enjoy all of my outfits from there :)
  • Classic wavy hair & earrings
Easy, right? 

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