Saturday, February 22, 2014

Monster Carnival Demo Walkthrough


1. Go right and talk to the kid in front of the carnival sign, who's worried the carnival won't be ready in time.
2. Go right and talk to the guy in front of the duck game, who needs a hose. Talk to the woman in front of the fried dough stand, who gives you the formula for how to make powdered sugar.
3. Go left to Main St and enter the Apothecary. Talk to the guy and he asks you to make salt.
4. Jump upstairs and you can see that you need sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid to make sodium chloride.
5. Click on the blue and yellow bottles on the top left shelf and they get put in the Chemo-Buster 2000. Click on the blue & yellow things together to separate them. The same-color circles will pair on their own, but the last few you will have to click on to bring together.
6. You get salt! Go downstairs to give the man the salt, and ask him if you can use the lab again. Now go back upstairs.
7. On the right, click on the purple and blue bottles, fructose and glucose. Repeat the same thing you did before (separating the opposite colors and making the same colors go together) to get sugar.
8. Now exit the Apothecary and go to Honest Gabe's Auto Repair to the left. Tell the lady you need a radiator hose. Now jump up on the gray shelf to the right to pick it up.
9. Exit the shop and run right back to the carnival. "Use" the hose on the man in front of the duck game and the stand is fixed! Click on the woman in front of the fried dough stand and you give her sugar. In return, the woman gives you some fried dough.
10. Now go right to Carnival Rides. Talk to the man in front of the Ferris Wheel.
11. Now run all the right into the forest. Pick up the lever and run back and "use" it next to the man by the Ferris Wheel. You've fixed it!
12. Go left and you've fixed everything, so the carnival can start.

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