Friday, March 21, 2014

Monster Carnival Island Walkthrough

Starting the Carnival
1. Go right and talk to the kid in front of the carnival sign, who's worried the carnival won't be ready in time.
2. Go right and talk to the guy in front of the duck game, who needs a hose. Talk to the woman in front of the fried dough stand, who gives you the formula for how to make powdered sugar.
3. Go left to Main St and enter the Apothecary. Talk to the guy and he asks you to make salt.
4. Jump upstairs and you can see that you need sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid to make sodium chloride.

5. Click on the blue and yellow bottles on the top left shelf and they get put in the Chemo-Buster 2000. Click on the blue & yellow things together to separate them. The same-color circles will pair on their own, but the last few you will have to click on to bring together.

6. You get salt! Go downstairs to give the man the salt, and ask him if you can use the lab again. Now go back upstairs.
7. On the right, click on the purple and blue bottles, fructose and glucose. Repeat the same thing you did before (separating the opposite colors and making the same colors go together) to get sugar.
8. Now exit the Apothecary and go to Honest Gabe's Auto Repair to the left. Tell the lady you need a radiator hose. Now jump up on the gray shelf to the right to pick it up.

9. Exit the shop and run right back to the carnival. "Use" the hose on the man in front of the duck game and the stand is fixed! Click on the woman in front of the fried dough stand and you give her sugar. In return, the woman gives you some fried dough.
10. Now go right to Carnival Rides. Talk to the man in front of the Ferris Wheel.
11. Now run all the way right into the forest. Pick up the lever and run back and "use" it next to the man by the Ferris Wheel. You've fixed it!
12. Go left and you've fixed everything, so the carnival can start.

Fixing Stuff
1. Go right to the Pop the Balloon station. Talk to the little boy and he gives you a blunted dart. Run back left to the Auto Repair shop and stand in front of the blue machine thing. "Use" the blunted dart and it becomes sharpened!
2. Run back to the carnival to the Pop the Balloon game. Click on the balloons to start the game. Basically click and hold one of the purple darts on the left. Drag it over one of the balloons and let go, and you win the game. The guy gives you a souvenir cup
3. Now go left to the duck game. Jump on the ledge and up onto the hill. Go to the Weight Guessing Game and have the guy guess your weight - he guesses it correctly! You want to fool him, so go back left to Main St and enter the Apothecary.
4. Talk to the guy and he says you can take whatever you want. On the red cart with boxes to your right, click on the little orange box. Click the card inside and you pick up the Vial of Osmium. This will make you heavier.
5. Go back to the weight guessed and let him guess your weight again. The osmium makes you heavier, and you win a Super Bouncy Ball
6. Go right to Carnival Rides at the Test Your Strength Game. "Use" the bouncy ball and it will help you win. You get a Hammer. Go a bit left and talk to the guy at the Ferris Wheel. You need something to grease the gears.
7. Go back left to the fried dough stand and "use" your souvenir cup to get a Cup of Oil. Go back right to Carnival Rides, to the Ferris wheel.
8. Stand in front of the gears and "use" the cup of oil to fix the Ferris wheel. Now go right to the Tunnel of Love and talk to the guy in front of the entrance. He gives you a flashlight
9. Go right to the Haunted Lab. Equip your flashlight and go right. Climb up the red stairs, left, up more stairs, and right. You see a Human Fly Mask. Pick it up and go back to the Tunnel of Love. 
10. Put on your mask and just let the ride go. You scare the kids :) When you come back out, all the people running the rides are missing. Go right to the forest to check it out. 

1. In the woods, just keep on going right. There is a tiny hill, and you can either go right below the hill or on top of it. Follow the place where the objects/wrappers/debris etc is. Just keep on going right until you get to a tree stump where all of the carnies are. 
2. Woah! Something weird is going on here. When you see the people turn into monsters, run back to town (just keep going left). The boy suggests you see Ringmaster Raven, so follow him left. There are monsters in the way, so just jump on buildings and jump over them. Enter the tent and talk to the raven. 
3. Go back right to the Ferris wheel and equip your hammer. Press space while standing in front of the gear box and it will knock the guy out. He drops a red piece of paper, which you pick up. You find a Secret Message
4. Equip your flashlight and go right to the Haunted Lab. Climb up to the top floor the way you did before, and just ignore the ghost. To the left of where the fly mask was, there is a shelf. Jump to the top of it and there is a box that says Black Lights. Click on it and you get a black lightbulb.
5. "Use" the lightbulb and your flashlight is now a black light flashlight. Exit the Haunted Lab and go left to the Duck Game. Click on the pool to play the game.
6. On your ticket, it says "GORY" in green, orange, red, and yellow. Pick up the ducks in that order and you see a chemical formula...
7. Now you want to go left to the Apothecary to create it. However, the Apothecary's closed - so enter the Auto Repair Shop. Go right, where there's two lifts. Go to the lift on the right and click the down arrow. Jump on, then click the up arrow. Click on the vent, then you can climb through the venting. Go left, up, and left.
8. Click on the newspapers. Then click on the vent, and the newspapers one by one. You're in! 
9. There's only 3 ingredients left on the shelves, so click on those so they go into the machine. Those are the ones you're using. 
10. Just like before, shoot the particles to break them apart then make them come together again. You get Sodium Thiopental. Go back to Ringmaster Raven's tent.

1. Ah! Edgar is hypnotized! The raven is using Sodium Thiopental to hypnotize everyone! I knew there was something fishy about him knowing how to fix the monsters with that chemical formula...
2. Anyways, you have to escape before you get hypnotized. Open up your inventory and "use" the Fried Dough to un-hypnotize Edgar, and he saves you. But wait, you're not done yet. First... a boss chase.
3. You find yourself in the Mirror Maze. Now, watch very closely. There's these red spiral blinking thingies, and you can see the Raven in them. He is in the last one that you see blink. Equip your hammer and stand in front of the mirror that he is in. If you can't tell, just whack all of them. He is only hiding behind the mirrors where there the curtains are open. 
4. Whack the mirror to uncover Raven. He will keep on moving, and after the sixth one, you've made him your slave! 
5. Let the scene play out... the carnival is packed up, and Raven is now a chicken. Congratulations, you finished and you receive your ISLAND MEDALLION!

Check what number finisher you are at!


  1. totally awesome island

  2. this really helped me a lot today. now I have completed 21 islands

  3. Why does it take so long to get to the little hill where all the carnies are and I have a lot of fun on this island. This is my first island i have finished. Thanks for the help.

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  5. he wont let me get the box

  6. He won't let me get the box either! I've read walkthroughs and followed them, and watched video walkthroughs, but it's not working. I can't click the box, and he doesn't tell me I can use anything in there.

  7. It won't let me go to the carnies, I keep walking in the same area in the woods. How do I fix this problem?