Thursday, January 23, 2014

more info abt monster carnival

In the dead of night, a caravan rumbles into town. The traveling carnival has returned! But this is no day at the park. Behind the lights and the laughter, the carnival harbors a dark secret. Buy a ticket if you dare, but beware — once you enter, you may never be able to escape the Monster Carnival!

so this was supposed to come out in 2008: Monster Carnival Island was and is an island that was supposed to be released in 2008, but strangely disappeared from the map while it said "COMING SOON!". In it's place became 24 Carrot Island. But 5 years later, in February 2014, the island will come back with all new features. and here's some brainstorming about Monster Carnival that was posted a longggg time ago:
click to enlarge
and, of course, if you did Mocktropica you saw one of the things while sorting the trash was a piece of paper that said "Monster Carnival" then NO WAY. so of course we kind of expected this was coming... if you go through the Daily Pop you'll see a ton of clown and carnival-related stuff.

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