Friday, January 17, 2014

Mocktropica Island Walkthrough

COSTUME: Wear any casual costume.

Starting the Island
1. Talk to the woman on your left as you enter the island. Then enter "Poptropica Worldwide Headquarters."
2. Talk to the scientist on your left and he'll give you a piece of cake.
3. Go up to all the other floors (using the elevator on the right) and talk to the people. Then go back down and a woman lets you into the basement.
4. Talk to the developers in the basement (and the blonde girl last). The blonde girl gives you the IDs of 3 missing people from the development team.
5. Click on the computer next to the blonde girl. Click "yes" then change the buildings to this order:
Then save & quit.
6. Now go left and click on the computer on the 2nd table. Click on "Island Maker Pro"
Change the settings to Night, Rainy, & Happy, then save and quit. Go up the stairs and exit the basement.
7. You get an achievement from the scientist. Go left and talk to the kid with the pet. Then go right to "Ephraim University."
8. Talk to the professor and he gives you a piece of paper. Click on the ad until the paper burns up.

Cheese Curds
1. Go right and enter Grunwald's Cheese Factory. Jump up the 2nd floor through the gap in the floor. 
2. Talk to the guy and he says he won't come back unless the machine stops making cheese curds. Start to walk away and he gives you a box of cheese curds
3. Go left to Main Street and find the kid with the narf pets. Equip your cheese curds and press space to throw them to the left. The narfs will follow.
4. Continue left to Mount Funshine. Throw some more cheese curds and the narfs fill up the chasm so you can get across. You can un-equip the cheese curds now.
5. Go left and climb up the rocks. Don't worry, the falling rocks don't hurt because it's glitchy. Basically you can jump on anything with a black edge, so it's pretty easy to get up. You don't have to try and jump too far.
6. Now talk to the guy at the sign -- the mountain isn't finished yet! 
He leaves his climbing axe behind, so pick that up.
7. Now jump down and go back right to Main Street. The scientist has a terrible idea-- making you pay every time you go somewhere! Go right and click on the guy in sunglasses and a black trench coat, and he gives you counterfeit coins. Now go back left and give the coins to the scientist so you can leave. Go right to the cheese factory.
8. Go back up and USE your climbing axe on the cheese machine. Yay! You got your designer back!

Billy Jordan
1. Now you're back in the basement. Uh-oh. Your inventory bag is gone, and we need our developer back! Good thing the designer finished fixing the mountain so we can get him... 
2. Change the settings to DAY and CLEAR, then save & quit. 
3. Run back left to the mountain, and climb up. It's just a bit farther than you climbed before. Talk to the man sitting in the tree and you have to play... mancala! Basically, just play normally, and ignore the ladybugs. However, for most people this is pretty hard to beat so luckily I made a walkthrough :-) Just copy exactly what I do in the video, and you should win.
4. Now you're back in the basement. Click on the computer and change the order of the buildings to car, small building, blimp, big building. Remember to SAVE & QUIT, because I always forget :)

The Writer
1. Go right outside and talk to the scientist. Time to get your first soda bottle. To get onto the roof, first jump onto the Bluelocust, then jump onto the top of the stone blimp, then the roof of the Bluelocust, then the red thing on Poptropica HQ, then onto the roof, where you can go right and get the soda bottle. Just follow this:
this took a LONG time to make, haha
2. The safety inspector gives you a ginormous helmet. You can take it off for now, because it makes it easier to run. Now go right and talk to the scientist, who needs help getting the crate open.
3. Go back to the basement and open up the where you switch around the buildings. Double click on the box and it will open. 
4. Now go right to the university. Give the professor the soda bottle. He tells you he needs something from the trash. Run back to the basement yet again.
5. Click on the bags next to the vending machine and you find a man sleeping. Give him the cake and he moves. Click on the trash can and sort through it until you find the Zomberry island script. 
6. Go back to the university and give the script to the professor. Yay, you got your writer back!

Finishing off the island
1. Now there's this really annoying ad. Run back to the Poptropica HQ building and go to the 3rd floor. Give the woman the counterfeit coins to get rid of the annoying ad. 
2. Now go back downstairs to the basement, but you get stuck on the loading screen. Put on your helmet to break through the letters. Now you're in the Poptropica servers! Take off that annoying helmet.

3. Now you need to balance out the servers. Go right and follow the red thing until you find a square thing that controls where the pipes go. Click that twice.
4. Find the squares for blue and green as well. Click the blue one once and the green one twice and you're good!
5. Now it's time to beat the final boss. Basically, let the scene play out and you have to fight the Mega Bot. Don't worry, this is easy. Click on the bot over and over to shoot coins at it. Follow him around until he dies. When you're done, shoot coins at the two achievement notices and you have beat the boss. You receive your ISLAND MEDALLION!


  1. this sorta helps until the finding bottle part the scientist always say something like i have my best idea yet and then my character says the whole idea is is just terrible...i dont understand what am i doing wrong

    1. yeah, that's what's supposed to happen... after you say that he starts doing it anyways then you go get the bottle on the roof (see the gif above) if it doesn't work and the bottle isn't there just try all the other speech bubbles I guess

    2. you've got to meet the professor in the university first for the bottle to appear on the rooftop

  2. this dosent help AT ALL

    1. I'm sorry, I don't really understand your problem...

    2. I'm pretty sure that's what he's supposed to say, although you could try the other speech bubbles.

  3. help i cant find the guy with sunglasses and the black trench coat

  4. i need help really bad

  5. I can't get the helmet. the guy was never there for me