Saturday, December 28, 2013

Twisted Thicket Island

Twisted Thicket isn't an island I would start off with, but it has a few fun parts and if you're pretty good at moving quickly, it should be pretty easy. For this costume you're going to be by yourself in the woods. 
Girl costume:
  • Pop star bangs
  • Biker/classic lips
  • Biker ponytail
  • Vampire 2 tank top & pants/belt
  • Copy the bag from abcdgr8 or lightninggirl20's closet, abcgr8 is currently wearing it
Boy costume:
  • Classic hair (Jack's, in this case) - you can find good hair on babypenguin54 or cooker34
  • Classic smile
  • Bigfoot shirt/pants
  • Bag from abcdgr8 or lightninggirl20's closet
Walkthrough coming soon!

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