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Twisted Thicket Island Walkthrough


Note: I'll be using my friend's account for this one, so the screenshots will show someone with brown hair. Parts of this walkthrough will not be numbered, because it is mainly tips and not steps. I recommend reading the section before doing it, because everything happens so fast you will die if you don't know what to do. 

1. Go right and talk to the guy in the suit and construction hat. Accept your mission.
2. Go right and up the clear yellow tube. Go right, down, left, down the stairs, and right to enter the forest.
3. First, go right and get the glowing acorn by clicking on it (Lesovyk Rune).
4. As soon as you get it, dryads clump on to you. You need to let enough dryads to clump onto you so you can fly up onto the green hill. However, if too many clump on, you float away. Click on the dryads to make them go away, but get onto the hills.
5. Go right, using the dryads to get you from hill to hill. Most of them you can jump from one to the next, but if you fall use the dryads to get back up again.
6. Once you have reached the last hill, go right.

1. Jump up the branches and go left.
2. Now, you want to climb up the vines. If you see a green thing at the top of the vine, that means it's a dryad. On that vine, you need to jump fast before they cut down the vine.
- Elves also jump up at random places. If you fall, you just go back to the beginning so after a few tries you'll know where to jump and get the hang of it.
- On the vines, you'll need to go left, up, and right.
3. When you climb onto the vine, you fall, but that's ok because there's a branch under you. You get the Kobold Rune.
4. Go right and there's 4 branches above you. Like the pole climb, you're just trying to go up. If you see an elf, switch to another vine and continue up. Finally, when you get to the top, "go up."

Dryads again
1. Walk a bit, and you see some dryads coming at you. Don't worry, they're in a pattern so it's pretty easy to avoid them. You can run, and you will automatically stop when the dryads come at you.
FIRST: Jump when they turn red.
SECOND: Duck when they turn red.

THIRD: Walk through the circle when it's open, stand in the middle, then walk out again when it's open.
FOURTH: Also walk in the oval when it's open, but they are rotating the opposite way, so you have to walk in earlier.
*Repeat this until you have reached the edge of the treetops and go right*

1. You will have to face four trolls to get past.
2. FIRST TROLL: Jump on the ledge to avoid the boulder, then go right. When he is kneeling down, jump on his back to get to the next level. (If you are too slow, just stand behind him, where you won't get hit by a boulder, then wait until he is kneeling again)
3. SECOND & THIRD TROLLS: Jump on the platform, then go left and stand behind them. Like the 1st troll, jump on their backs to get up a level. (For the third troll, watch out because there's a gap in the middle that you have to jump, and you don't want to fall down!)
4. FOURTH TROLL: Jump on the two platforms. As he is about to throw the boulder, it collapses on him! Jump on his back to continue up.
5. Go right and get the Jotunn Rune. Continue right.

The Nokken
1. Now there is this creature called the Nokken. He can turn invisible, but you can see his red footprints.
2. Continue right and go as fast as you can if you see the Nokken. He always comes out at the same places, so you will get used to the pattern.
3. The Nokken can follow you into the water too! If you see fast bubbles following you, that's the Nokken. (but he will only follow you in the 3rd body of water) Also, avoid the green seaweed plants, because they sting and slow you down.
4. Finally, you get the Nackrosor Rune.  Go right.

1. You're walking along when you see... goblins! Basically, you have to run right as fast as you can. Jump low for small objects, high for tall objects, and DON'T JUMP when there's a hanging goblin.
2. Finally, you jump to get the Dokkalfar Rune and go on a zipline where the goblins jump to their deaths :-)
3. Go right, you finally get a break from all these dangerous creatures.

The Tree 
1. Now, to get the tree to open, you need to click on the runes in the order you got them (the symbols on the tree) Here's the order:
2. Now enter the passageway. Jump up onto the platform in the middle of the room and talk to the elf girl. A scene plays out, and you get an amulet. Time for the final scene! (Read this part BEFORE doing it)
3. First, put on your amulet. There are three symbols that give you powers: 
Yellow - troll; big and lots of strength
Green - gnome; very, very fast!
Blue - dryad; flying power
(Remember that there are 3 trucks, the first one is the one on the left, second is second one to the left, and so on)
First, use the gnome power to catch up to the truck. Jump onto the wrecking ball. Use troll power to push down the crane thing. Use dryad power to fly up and right. Land on the lever and click on it. Jump down to the second truck. Use troll power and click on the wrecking ball to throw it. Use gnome power to catch up to the third truck. Jump on top of the fuse box and use troll power. Click on the fuse box and it stops all the trucks. Congratulations, you've stopped them! Let the scene play out and you receive your ISLAND MEDALLION!

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