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Back Lot Island Walkthrough

1. When you enter the island, you get some paparazzi. When they leave, go right and enter the One-Of-A-Kind Talent Agency. It looks like you need to get $1000!
2. Exit and go right. Pass the tourists and talk to the guy with weird hair and sunglasses. He gives you a camera, but if you try to use it, it's broken.
3. Go left until you see an old guy. If you click on him, he's ranting about photography. Show him your camera by clicking "use" and he gives you some film. "Use" the film and it is put inside of the camera. Go back right to the building the guy wanted you to photograph before.
4. Climb to the top of the building and a little bit right onto the ledge. Use the camera and take a picture if you want. It's an earthquake!
5. When you wake up, you have fallen into the NO TRESPASSING area.
6. Go left and open the gates to the left, but don't exit yet.

Get Kirk His Coffee
1. Go right and enter Soundstage 1, which says "Recording in Progress". Talk to Sofia May, then enter the soundstage.
2. Oops, you ruined the scene! Exit the soundstage and talk to Sofia again. Go right and "ride" the cart.
3. Driving around is similar to Lunar Colony. There is no map, so you just have to figure it out. Exiting to Sunrise St is center left, and soundstages 1 through 4 are on each corner of the area. The post production area is in the bottom middle. After a little bit, you'll figure it out.
4. Right now, you want to get to Kirk's trailer, which is confusing. Luckily, you'll only need to get to it twice. It's somewhere in the middle of what I described above. Follow these directions:
- Go down from Soundstage 1 until you're on the street
- Keep going down until you come to an intersection
- Go right, then up into a parking area
- Get out by clicking on KIRK'S TRAILER.
5. Talk to Kirk and he wants a Half-Caf Leviathan Latte-Espresso Cup.
6. Get in your cart and drive up and left until you reach the exit to Sunrise St.
7. Go left until you reach the first Queequeg's Coffee and talk to the guy at the counter.
8. Unfortunately, they're out of what you want. Instead, get ESPRESSO, INFANT, FULL CAFFEINE. 
9. Exit and enter the other Queequeg's, to the left of Digital Dreamscapes.
10. This time, order LATTE, INFANT, DECAF.
11. "Use" one of the infant size coffees and pour them into Kirk's original cup to get the type of coffee he wanted.
12. Go back to Kirk's trailer by running right back to the studio, using the cart, and driving to Kirk's studio the same way as before. Give him the coffee and he agrees to get back to work. 

The Camera Game
1. Drive back to Soundstage 1, just above the exit to Sunrise St. 
2. The cameraman walks off, so you are in charge of the filming. The goal is to keep the gray circle on Kirk the whole time. 
3. Whenever Kirk gets scared, cold, or hot, he moves. If your computer lags, this part will be hard.

Your Star Role
1. Drive to the bottom right corner to Soundstage 4. Enter.
2. Kirk refuses to wear the gorilla costume. Now you get to play the part! Click on the costume to put it on.
3. Jump up and left to start filming. Now you start a game. 
4. The goal is to pop all the green balloons and get the red balloon on the top. Along the way, there are cannons shooting at you and army guys. You can smash them by jumping on them.
5. At the end, let the airplanes shooting and you fall. Great acting! 

Props and Effects
1. Next, you want to go to Soundstage 3. This is at the bottom left of the studio. Drive there.
2. The set builder hasn't showed up, so you are in charge of building the prop train. There are several ways to complete the puzzles, but here is one way to complete each of the 3 puzzles:

3. Next, you have to cast the cowboys. Go right and jump up to the first platform. Pick up the BLACK and WHITE cowboy hats.
4. Exit, and drive to Sunrise St. First enter the first Queequeg's you see. "Use" the black hat to the former star. Now you have to cast the white cowboy.
5. Exit Queequeg's and go left into Digital Dreamscapes. Go left and and give the white hat to the guy in the weird lights costume. 
6. Go back to Soundstage 3 and talk to Sofia. Your job is stunt coordinator. When the director calls for it, press the button. There is buffalo, tornado, and villain (hat). Great job!

The Script
1. Next, exit and go to Soundstage 2. Talk to Sofia again. You need to find Goldie and get the script.
Take a hint!!!
2. Go to Soundstage 1 and jump on the roof to find the script guy. His script blows away! Now you have to go find it.
3. Exit to Sunrise St. You have to find 4 pages of the script:
Sunrise St:
- TV antenna of Juan's Celebrity Souvenirs 
- Top of Chinese theater - use the bouncy things on the edge of the middle roof to reach it
Main Street:
- Queequeg's neon sign - first one you see 
- Far left roof of Celebrity Wax museum
4. Go back to Soundstage 2. Now you have to put the pages in order. 
Page 1 begins: “The Many-Splendored Zephyr…”
Page 2 begins: “PILOT: ‘I know what you’re thinking. You can’t come with!’”
Page 3 begins: “PILOT: ‘What is it?’”
Page 4 begins: “The NAVIGATOR smiles bravely…”

5. Talk to Sofia again. She says that the lead actor never showed up. She gives you an actress headshot to find someone similar to. 
6. Exit and go to the Talent Agency on Main St. Talk to the talent agent. Show her the headshot. It's Lacy Williams herself!!!
7. Go back to Soundstage 2. You need to act the role of the navigator.
8. Jump up and left to the platform and click "Get dressed". Time to roll the film!
9. Did you read the script? Oh well. Here's what you need to say...
"But -"
"(Offer her a compass)"
"Safe journeys! I'll never forget you!"

Post Production
1. Exit and drive to the post production building, in the bottom middle. 
2. Talk to the director. First, follow him left into the Film Editing Bay. (Click on the reels of film) You have to find something wrong with each film and cut it out.
3. In the first part, scroll until you see a banana (using the black thingy on the bottom). Click on the razor on the right and follow the directions to cut it out. In the second part, scroll until you see a mic in the shot. Cut that out. In the third one, there is stuffing coming out of the bear. 
4. Next, you have to make the sound edits. Go right into the sound editing bay and click on the projector. There is a red sound icon when you need to make a sound. Make sure you know which is which and memorize the order before you start each clip! Here's the order you need to do it:
(first clip)
1. Rain
2. Thunder
3. Balloon popping
4. Balloon hitting water
(second clip)
1. Match & can
2. Plates
3. Bear
4. Ghost
(third clip)
1. Buffalo & mic
2. Coconuts
3. Brushes & whistle
4. Paddle & meat
(fourth clip)
1. Fan
2. Box
3. Gorilla
4. Bottle

4. Talk to the director, who gives you the film reels. Head to the Chinese theater on Sunrise St.

The World Premiere
1. Sofia is waiting for you in front of the theater. Talk to Sofia then enter the theater. 
2. To get to the projector, jump up to the stage in front (right), then left to the critic boxes until you are up and left. "Use" the film to play the movie. Sit back and enjoy!
3. Exit and talk to Sofia once more. You receive your ISLAND MEDALLION!

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