Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vampire's Curse Island Walkthrough

The Village and the Wolf
1. Talk to Katya's crying mother, who wants you to find Katya. Go right.
2. Talk to Christopher, the boy kneeling on the rocks. (This is your chance to get a costume from him!) He leaves, and you will not see him again until the end of the island.
3. Follow the trash and green torches to the right and up, where you see a black wolf. He knocks you down. 
4. Go over hill and click on the black area in the tree. You will be protected from the wolf when he runs past, and he can't knock you down. 
5. When the wolf passes you, click on the branch to the left and it will hit him. He goes away.
6. Go right, jumping over the thorns and going up the stone steps. Climb left, following the trash wrappers. 
7. The wolf reappears again, dropping you both. You should get a log in your inventory. Climb back up again, and this time click on the post for the wooden bridge before the wolf can get to you. He falls, never to be seen again.
8. Climb up the fallen bridge (which has now become like stairs) and go right.

The Castle Cemetery, Moat, and Wall
1. Walk up the angled hill and go inside the building. You should get a teen vampire book and a crowbar that are sitting inside.
2. Exit and go right to the 2nd building, which is boarded off. Click on the long pipe attached to the right of it, and you will pick it up. Walk a little bit right and put it down.
3. Jump on top of the pump, and the water stream should go into the pipe and through to the empty moat. If not, move the pipe until it is in the right place. Jump on the pump several times until the moat is completely full. 
4. Swim across and enter the castle grounds.
5. The door to enter the castle is blocked off, and the geysers do not go high enough to reach the open window. However, when you cover all but one of the geysers, that geyser goes high enough to get up.
6. Push the 2 rocks to the left of the geysers onto the geysers. One of them is stuck in a rock, so use the crowbar to get it out.
7. Go right and climb up the rocks. Push the boulder down from the top.
8. You can now ride the stream of water up to the open window. Enter the castle. 

The Castle Library
1. The room is dark, and you can see a fireplace with embers. Put the log and the novel into the fireplace. Jump on top of the fan to the left of the fireplace to fan the fire several times, until you have a nice fire going. However, it is still pretty dark.
2. Push the ladder for the bookcases to the left of the bookcase closest to the fireplace. Click on the purple candles, then click on the fire to light the candle. Now you have to hurry before the candle goes out.
3. Climb up the ladder, onto the bookcase, then left onto the ledge. From there you can jump to the chandelier. Click on it to light it. There are 3 other chandeliers to light.
4. Jump down and get another candle. DO NOT light it this time, but follow the same steps to get to the 1st chandelier. Click on the 1st chandelier to light your 2nd candle, then jump right to the 2nd chandelier. Light that one. If you do not make it, just repeat it until you land on the chandelier or a ledge close to it.
5. Repeat these steps until you have lighted all 4 chandeliers. The room will be considerably brighter.
6. Jump down to the right, and go to the door. Use the crowbar to break the chains on the door. Now you can go in and out this way.
7. Go left and walk along the floor until you pick up a Glass Eye
8. Climb up the ladder and go up on top of the bookcase, where there is a tiger missing an eye. Put the glass eye into his eye socket and an Armory key will appear in his mouth.

The Castle Armory
1. Jump down and go left to the door on the left. Use your key to open the door.
2. Pick up the crossbow hanging on the wall.
3. Go over to the cannon and click on one of the 3 cannon balls to load it in to the cannon. Now you will need to light it.
4. Run right out the door back into the library. Take another candle, lighting it from the fire. Quickly run left into the armory and light the fuse to the cannon before the candle runs out. The cannon should now be facing in the opposite direction.
5. Load another cannon ball and repeat the same step. Do this for all 3 cannon balls until there is a hole blasted in the ceiling. For the 2nd cannon ball, it will roll into the library. You will need it later, so make sure you know where it is.
6. Climb up the hole and onto the plant. Pick up the bucket. You cannot get up into the room above, so shoot several arrows into the cracks on the wall to the left. Hurry to climb before the arrows fall out. (click space to shoot using the crossbow) Climb up the arrows to the room above, where there is a plant. 
7. Use the crowbar to pry open the boards from the window, so the plant has light.
8. Exit the armory and library and go to the geysers. Fill up the bucket with water, then go back to the plant and water it. It will grow into a giant beanstalk out the window.

The Laboratory and Cage Room
1. Exit the window and climb up the beanstalk into the window of a tower. 
2. In there find the Count's notebook. Click on the tub of red and you will start flying with your head like a tomato. Fly up to pick up the garlic.
3. (Optional) You can do some experimentation around the lab. It appears the count is trying to cure his vampirism. According to the notebook, you need mandrake root, a way to wilt the wolfsbane, and mix these with garlic to get a cure. Click on the microscope to try to combine the different ingredients to get a cure. However, you do not have the proper ingredients yet.
4. Exit through the middle door and go into the door exactly to the right of that.
5. Jump left to the ledge, then jump on the bouncy bed to get up to the cage where Katya is. You cannot reach the key yet. Talk to her and she tells you about a book in the library. SHE MUST TELL YOU ABOUT THIS, OR THE BOOK WILL NOT APPEAR. 
6. Exit the way you came to go back to the library. You can also fall until you get to the original door you started at.

The Library and the Mandrake Root
1. Push the ladder to the right bookshelf where you see a book called "Root Causes". Get it. 
2. Now exit the library, where you are now at the geysers. Go left and exit through that entrance. 
3. You should now see a wall like the one you shot arrows into before. Do the same thing, and climb up to get the mandrake root. You must be fast, because the arrows fall very quickly. The trick is to shoot lots only in the necessary places, so if one falls there is still another one there. Then quickly climb up.
4. Go back the way you came to the library.
5. You have to wilt the wolfsbane. Push the cannon ball in front of the fire, where it will become red-hot. Push it left using the fire poker next to the fireplace. Push it left until you see a dumbwaiter that goes to the laboratory. Click the red handle and push it into the dumbwaiter.
6. Climb back to the lab the way you did before. The dumbwaiter is far right in the room. Click the red handle for the hot cannon ball to come out. It will roll under the wolfsbane, causing it to wilt. You now have all the ingredients!
7. Click the microscope to mix things together to get the cure. You need 3 parts garlic, 3 parts wolfsbane, and one part mandrake. Click each of these with the dropper until the dropper is full with all the ingredients. When you put it on the cells, they become human - you have found the cure!

The Count
1. Go next door to the Cage Room. If you go all the way right on the 1st level, there is now a silver cane next to a bar that has the key. Click on the cane, and hook it on the loop of the key to get the key.
2. Jump up to Katya, and free her. The scene will play out with the Count coming, until he tries to follow Katya.
3. Use your garlic to make you have garlic breath. Jump and keep close to Katya to keep the Count away.
4. When the Count turns into a bat, use your crossbow to shoot the syringe with the cure into him.
5. The rest of the scene will play out until you get your ISLAND MEDALLION!